2021 Mercedes-Benz V260L business car private custom Galaxy series real shot

The new Mercedes-Benz V260L Galaxy, using the Rolls Royce Tanji Forging Hub, the interior is elegant, called the business truck super popular king model. It dares to call the second, no one dares to call the first. Today, I will follow my pace, walk into the new Mercedes-Benz V260L Galaxy version, feel the unprecedented, heart-free model, open the first happy and arrogant journey in autumn.

In terms of power, it is equipped with a 2.0T turbocharged engine, the maximum power of 155kW / 211PS, the maximum torque 350nm, meets the national six emission standards, although the parameters are consistent with the old paragraph, However, the peak torque zone is postponed from the old 1250rpm to 1500 rpm; as another upgrade of this change, the gearbox is turned from the previous 7AT to the 9th hand, the suspension structure is the former McAfson, then Semi-drag arms independent suspension, the whole system is standardly adjusted, high and low air suspension systems, bringing more comfortable ride.

New Mercedes-Benz V260L Galaxy Star Edition, the whole vehicle has been developed for a year, it is like Rolls Les’s waterfall intake grille faces, the same derived from the inspiration for the Patong Temple. Designer’s philosophy, with heart, finished, reflecting every detail of this model.

The side slide door on the VIP area is opened, and the eye is the cabin S-class luxury independent seat, ergonomic design with one-button development and memory function. Equipped with heating, ventilation, aerodynamic massage, electric adjustment, leg support, headrest, front and rear electric regulation, left and right electric regulation, one-button telescopic leg function, 180 degrees rotation, bring head class-level comfort experience and skill.

Third row sofa, support one-click flat or collapsed, always travel for your long-distance travel To create a spacious and comfortable sleeper, the simple and stylish atmosphere lights and luxurious teak floors are mixed. It is the leather pursuit of exquisite mobile life

The endless ceiling, also added the embroidery design, as if a sparkling Galaxy, good luck, the extraordinary pattern creates a unique design. The first journey of the fall is driving, and there is a star and sea, a certain day in the future, recalls, and your heart is full of softness and movement.

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