2021 Mercedes-Benz Weizu seven commercial vehicles, customizing the Galaxy series of distinguished interior upgrade

Fujian Mercedes-Benz is only born for business, and the seven version of the version is more like a business gentleman. If you chase, you don’t just have a luxury, distinguished, more designed ideas from facilitating business, business gift world. 21 Mercedes-Benz Weightedness adhering to Mercedes-Benz’s consistent style, light commercial vehicle, model sticked ground, calm and low-key, using any business venues, but the design of the whole car is designed to apply many business cars, no smashing, distinguished, rigorous, The powerful gas field is shocking!


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Cockpit full-skin sewing, perfect texture enjoy the imaginary dream journey. NAPPA dermis multi-function steering wheel, feel is effective and efficient, open the most perfect driving. Unique Comand Human Machine Interactive System, smart to open all the way, with Comand innovative touchpad, let control more likely, smoothly. Intelligent parking assistance system makes driving very likely, it is omnipotent.

Mercedes-Benz WeiMabhem Edition front and back cabin adopts no partition design, main deputy The rear side of the driving lack is installed in the back of the entertainment, which can be entertaining for your office and long distance, and the main sub-seat also has two hidden manual small tables. It can bear 5kg. No partition design is very suitable for household vehicles, and the front and rear cabins are convenient to communicate.

Mercedes-Benz to the modified business car with high quality handmade bag Exquisite craftsmanship, have very good texture and touch. The third row of seats can be flattened to a luxurious double bed, and the brown match has a cool business. Starlight, LED reading lights, atmosphere lights, small tables, armrest boxes, pedalsDecoration, etc. Newweight is in the space layout, the seven version is the most classic and traditional, and the sense of space is very sufficient.


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