2021 national six emissions Mercedes-Benz G63 latest national six quotes

2021 National Six Volume Mercedes-Benz G63 grade, texture and scientific configuration clearly improve the new Mercedes-Benz G-class interior compared to the old models, using Mercedes-Benz’s latest dual-screen design, full LCD dashboard And the Sino Consolidation Screen reached 12.3 inches. At the same time, there is a big progress in the interior and crafts. The classic “three lock” button naturally does not miss it, and it is set in the most prominent position in the center console.

21 Mercedes-Benz G63 hanging to double-in-arms independent suspension, electronic power steering, larger internal space, new instrument Disc and a number of Mercedes-Benz latest electronic security systems. The body has a widening 122mm, and the wheelbase is increased by 40 mm to 2890mm, and the whole vehicle is less than 53mm. The old Mercedes-Benz G can carry the German helicopter, and now we widen 122mm, and hopefully can be installed.

21 Mercedes-Benz G63 replaces a new molded flat AMG motion steering wheel, and both sides are equipped with a punch cortical package, and the lower chrome-plated decoration is also Unlike the new G500, it seems to fight. In addition, the full-liquid crystal dashboard + medium-controlled big screen is not absent on the new car, creating a sense of strong technology.

21 Mercedes-Benz G63 has a strong drive system, as well as newly developed AMGRIDE CONTROL suspension, AMG special transmission mode, widescreen cockpit, brand new interior And the iconic AMG driving performance belongs to 4.0L V8 twin turbocharged engine, of course, 9AT, full-wheel drive (40:60), three differential locks, double-bage arm independently suspension, adaptive Regulate damping to add flowers on it.

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