2021: The Year of the Ox, all major brands welcome “opening the door”

Based on the data sheet of passenger car market information, China Automotive Industry Association

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After experiencing “rough” 2020, no matter Is the gradual recovery of the national economy, or the gradual improvement of consumers’ demand for automobiles, and there will always be a beautiful and interesting and blessing of “opening the door” in Chinese traditional culture. Looking back in January 2021, the domestic passenger car sales data can be found that sales of 216 million units in January, a year-on-year growth of 25.7 percentage. Therefore, in 2021, it is sufficient to be called “transport” of the automobile market.

Deluxe brand, time


Talking about a luxury brand, he has to mention BMW known in handling. In January 2021, Brilliance BMW has reached a sales performance of 73,961. Among them, G20 BMW 3 is in recent years, the vehicle offer has tended to stabilize. Therefore, Brilliance BMW brands have won the third place of the Luxury Brand by 19,986 bicycles in BMW 3 Series, and it is understood. BMW China will launch 25 new cars this year, and will have better sales in subsequent time.

In addition, the luxury cars do the ultimate brand Belongs to Mercedes. Mercedes-Benz brand has long been transformed from the “Deluxe” layout of “digital luxury”. Therefore, in January 2021, Beijing Mercedes-Benz sales reached 80,670 vehicles, ranking luxury brand runner-up. Among them, “Digital Deluxe” reflected in the country, the first model of Mercedes-Benz E-Benz E-Benz E-bicycle sales 20,095 units.Bright expression, thus winning the luxury C-class car in January. And as in April, the W206 new C level will be officially released in the domestic market, the future luxury brand sales list must be the wind and water.

January 2021, FAW-Volkswagen Audi brand The performance of 86,888 creating the highest sales records of history was awarded the 521 luxury brand sales list. Among them, the new Audi A4L achieved sales of 19,729, Audi A6L achieved sales of 19,956. On January 23, the new Audi A3, who has just listed on January 23, led the A3 family to achieve 6,381 surprises. In FAW-Volkswagen Audi’s strategic plan, it can be found that it will launch a luxurious lineup of 33 new cars, so the sales performance brought by FAW-Volkswagen Audi will not let consumers disappoint.

In addition, in the domestic luxury car camp, Lexus sells approximately 24,300 vehicles in China, an increase of 86.40% year-on-year, leading the camp. Among them, Lexus electrified models were sold in 9,140 vehicles, accounting for 37.3 percentages of sales in the month.

China as the world’s largest auto market, but also The world’s largest luxury car sales market. In the past ten years, luxury cars grow rapidly in China, and the luxury cars can be described as a hundred convulsions. With the growth of luxury brands in the future, in 2025, the market-selling penetration rate of Chinese luxury cars is expected to exceed 18%.

哆 哩 君 Analysis believes that with the warming of domestic economy in 2021, the people can dominate revenue growth and the just need to have a luxury car, become a luxury car Growth maximum motivation. Plus a diversification of luxury brand models, the price is further explored andThe layout of new energy has expanded the market share of luxury cars. It can be said that luxury cars will continue to grow in the Year of the Ox, and the competition of luxury cars will be more intense, better products and services will be more reasonable to meet consumers.

I believe that every consumer is Volkswagen brand is considered when car. Among them, the Volkswagen reached 232,387 sales in January 2021, in January 2021, and in 2021, the new eighth generation golf family will gradually improve, FAW-Volkswagen sales There is no doubt that grows growth.

, at 155,500 grades of SAIC-Volkswagen In the middle, its new Lron-Yi model received 55,738 proud results, won the position of the first sales list in January 2021. With the addition of new energy models such as upper steam – Volkswagen ID.4 X and ID.6 X, the future steam – the mass brand is bound to achieve more sales growth with new energy model layout.

autonomous brand, difficult to divide Bo Zhong


In the most competitive autonomous brand, Changan Automobile has reached “opening the red” situation in January 2021. In Chang’an Automobile, Yi movement, CS35 family, CS75 family has gradually reached “Millions of Glory”, and the sales of Millions of Glory, whether it is a blue whale power assembly or a Uni series and the European series, it has caused its sales section to climb.

The car is followed by sales of sales in 146,295 in January 2021. With the continuous efforts of the CMA super parent architecture, both “family sedan” Geely Star Rui still, the first SUV model star, will gradually get a market recognition in the future market, and lead Geely brand to update the future .

It is worth mentioning that the Great Wall Car Haval H6 The bicycle reached 45,815, in January 2021, won the SUV list, while Great Wall Motors also reached 109,351 bright performance. With the joining of the Great Wall, Havaldog, Wey Tank 300, Wey Mocha and many other models, Great Wall A car will will move towards higher, broader platforms.

What is the new energy?

With the development of automobile electrification into the road, the sales of new energy vehicles in January 2021 reached 155,000, up to 274.5% year-on-year . Among them, the sales of MINI EVs in January 2021 was as high as 25,778, and BYD Han EV sales also reached 9,298 units.

, in the transformation of fuel to electrification, more There is a derivation of a mixed model of BYD DM-I super mixing, Honda I-MMD mix, this era can be described as “new energy people to get the world” and will be made for major manufacturers for future new energy product layouts. Perfect “paving”.

哆 哩 君:

With the luxury, joint venture, self-employment, all major manufacturers have ushered in 2021 “opening”, and how to continue this strong momentum in the “Year of the Ox”, continuously introducing new, further layout New energy is critical. Both major brands have different product strategies, but with the further advancement of intelligence, new energy models, as consumers, we look forward to the future market will go to “dominate”.

Look at sales, knowing the wind direction. What do you think is the most suitable car for consumers? Welcome to leave a message.

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