2021 Toyota XLE Shaanxi latest offer

2021 Toyota XLE 2.5 four-drive plus front grille is connected to the front lamp group, joined the vertical LED daytime driving light on both sides of the front bumper, the headlight group is more radical; Gas grill and the new front headlights are integrated, and the line picks the lines and the slender front headlights are perfectly combined, and the design of the window is very dynamic.

Parallel imports 2021 Toyota Seesna XLE 2.5 four-driven version

Vehicle procedure: booth car

Vehicle color : White appearance

Vehicle offer: National Six pre-sale

Vehicle configuration: 2.5 hybrid, 245 horsepower, Toyota TSS 2.0 security system, 10 airbags, Front seat heating, steering wheel heating, Bluetooth Android connection, nine-inch central control, two row shade curtain, foot touch electric door, electric tail door, LED, wireless charging, tire pressure monitoring, 7 USB interface, electric sunroof Mirror heating, luggage frame, 8 electric adjustment, four-wheel drive air conditioner, ACC automatic cruise, blind spot detection, lane deviation, reflection.

Parallel imports 2021 Toyota Sees XLE 2.5 four-drive plus episode atmosphere, do not need luxury to modify, simple Easy to use, reflecting the one-size side of business style; the lines of the line picking up in Seine are perfectly combined, the design of China and the headlights is very good.

2021 Toyota See Na XLE 2.5 four-drive plus interior design not only luxury is still full of technology, multi-functional leather steering wheel gripping comfortable, multiple function buttons distribution reasonable operation Convenient; the interior design is simple, the workmanship is fine, and the overall material is very grade.

Parallel import 21 Toyota XLE 2.5 four-drive plus version of the tail section creates a rich layering, the above-in-one spoiler, which can be described as a pen; Large-area honeycomb China net with smoked black decoration, feeling full.

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