2021 Yutong C Series National Six Route Yutong C533 Ultimate Double Development Six Room

Hello everyone, Xiao Amin said the car, this article introduces you to Yutong C533 RV. This car is based on the latest Iveco’s Sheng Chair, which uses sandwich laminated technology + all-aluminum skeleton body, the body appearance, the whole white-oriented, black, black, gray three-color pull flower and The round forehead modeling is designed to make the whole vehicle look at the atmosphere.

[123 The vehicle size is 5990 * 2540 * 3320mm, axial distance 3300mm, equipped with 3.0T turbocharged diesel engine, matches 8AT automatic gear transmission, maximum power 107 kW, maximum torque 370 Nm, meet national five emission standards, load 6 People, blue cards can be driven. The new car is also equipped with a fixed speed cruise, a car interconnection, GPS navigation, tire pressure monitoring, ABS + ESP, electric heating and width mirror, reversing radar, etc.

The top of the passenger door is a control panel, and the touch large screen is displayed. The internal integration of this car is displayed, and the new car is equipped with 400 AH lithium battery, 200W solar panel and 3000W inverter. Enter the car, the forehead bed, the middle governance, the kitchen, the bathroom, the trunk double bed, through opening the left and the retrofitting cabin, the internal space is greatly improved, and the furniture is black Walnut + White paint panels are triad with imitation wood floor leather to improve the luxury of the interior.

The configuration of the living facility is complete, and the core components are imported first-class brands. , Warm hot water, Tetford 152L refrigerator / Dormower inverter air conditioner / sunshade / sink, electric stepping, in addition to the water tank electric heating device, pure water drinking water system and 3D bedpad. The kitchen area is located on the right side of the passenger. It is a one-piece cabinet design. The whole white paint panel is used. It is embedded above the cabinet with a Galanz microwave. 900W induction furnace and stainless steel pool are integrated. There are two storage drawers and lockers. . The bathroom is an independently closed structure with a shower, towel rod, bathroom mirror, hand tray, bathroom curtain, washed basin and toilet. Waterway system, 130L clean water tank + 90L sub-water tank, 60L gray water tank with manual sewage valve.

[123 ]

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