2022 Jaguar I-PACE official map exposure, can 446,000 can save sales?

Recently, Jaguar Land Rover officially issued an official map of new I-PACE, as a medium-term change model, mainly upgraded interior configuration. The new car is expected to sell $ 69,900 (about 4464 million yuan), which will take the lead in overseas.

The new car appearance is only a small adjustment, mainly increasing the ATLAS GREY body color, and the fog light area increases the LED light source, and Replace it with a black trim strip around the window.

In terms of interior, new cars will be equipped with a new PIVI PRO information entertainment system, and its interface design and operational logic have been optimized, and 90% is only light. You can do it.

Further, the new I-PAC is interconnected by the entire Apple Carplay and Android Auto mobile phone while supporting a dual-mobile phone Bluetooth connection. The navigation system has also been upgraded to display the information about charging station information and estimation charging time.

In terms of power, the new car will continue the power of the current, will continue to carry a dual motor, the total output power is 294 kW (394 horsepower), 0-96 km / h, acceleration time 4.5 seconds, charging, new car will be equipped 11 kW charger, using 100 kW fast charge for 15 minutes, up to 63 miles (101 km) of life.

As the first pure tram type of Jaguar Land Tiger, Jaguar i-Pace can be “a big early morning, I have a late episode” – April 2018 Listed, it was officially declared as “the pure electric car launched by the first luxury brand”, and its equipped soft bag battery and other configurations were also quite advanced.

However, I-PACE high prices, Jaguar brand itself is weak, which leads to this model, can eventually be called. In recent years, sales have been maintained around 15,000, and it is difficult to find their traces on the road in China. In contrast, the pure tram type, such as Tesla, and the propulsion, has long been stabilized in the high-end market in the pure electric power market.

Sales of sales also allowed Jaguar I-PACE to start to embark on the road “price exchange.” Previously, the news of Jaguar I-PACE sold half-price – new 5.1 fold, minimum only 3217 million yuan. Compared to the original price of 6.34 million yuan, it is really “selling”.

Electronic transformation, which could have become a Jaguar brand to improve the visibility and influence, but I-PACE finally can’t escape the ending of “fracture leopard”. It is also difficult to see that traditional brands need to make efforts and changes in the face of electrical transformation, I am afraid far more than a competitive product is so simple.

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