2022 Jeep Guide to release interior in Europe and further improve

According to foreign media reports, Jeep issued a new 2022 guide in Europe, and the new model made some refined changes in the appearance interiors and added the PHEV version.

Appearance, 2022 guides adopted 7 pieces of China grid, and the size also increased, the headlights and fog lights have been new design, the whole The front face looks more young sports, the side of the body is not changed, and the line design is still fierce.

In terms of interior, new cars changed significantly compared to the current model, canceled the previous in-bundled central control screen, changed to the current popular suspension mode, 8.4 inches or 10.1 inches can be selected and supported wireless CARPLAY, and the instrument panel is replaced with a full liquid crystal meter. The information is more comprehensive. The internal body material is also improved, and a large-area leather package is used.

In terms of power, the European version adds the PHEV model, and the domestic version has no exact news, the probabilistic delay is over the current model of the 1.3T four-cylinder engine, and the PHEV version is expected. Synchronous introduction.

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