2022 Range Rover Sport Edition listing price 86.48-1838 million

Recently, the 2022 Range Rover Sports version launched a total of 5 models, the price range was 86.48-18.88 million yuan. (With the map as the cash type)


[ 123]

3.0T SE

3.0T Yao black version [123


[123 ]

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2.0T insert P400E 86.48
3.0T HST
New car continues the cash design, except for the fuel version, It also introduces the piths, SVR high performance. In terms of power, the fuel plate is equipped with a 3.0T double-boost-up six-cylinder engine, and provides a 48V microcarcies, and the maximum power is 360 hp, 400 horsepower. The insertion plate is equipped with a 2.0T engine + motor composition, the integrated maximum power is 404 horsepower, the integrated peak torque 640 cattle, mi, the transmission matches 8-speed automatic transmission. SVR High Performance Edition is equipped with a 5.0L mechanical boost V8 engine with a maximum power of 575 horsepower.