3 domestically produced car, the fastest hundred mph 1.9 seconds, users: My dream car is not far off!

remember yesterday we talked supercar worth over 20 million of it? In many people’s mind, has been the product of foreign sports car, but the real Chinese brand of car is very rare, but with the development of China’s automobile industry, special launch its own brand early when some sports such as Geely BL, China cool treasure, Geely global Hawk Chinese dragon, there is no doubt there is no way these models, some models small series have not seen the real car. In recent years, the rapid development of independent brands, the emergence of a large number of modern sports car. Well, today we take a look at the following three own-brand car.

a red flag S9

concept car in red s9 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show, the vehicle uses a very Chinese style design, the Chinese color reflected most vividly! Soft in appearance but also with a super run full of passion, it all themselves. The iconic red logo has been extended from nose to tail, giving a darling of the visual impact. Body side is the standard super sports car body, while taking into account the aerodynamic also demonstrated the sporty red flag. In addition, multiple Pentagram design wheels, further highlight the Chinese characteristics. Rear styling very exaggerated, if large stands tail fly Roc, fighting spirit and full of taillight design is the front face of echoes, dual exhaust center bottom, left and right sides of the diffuser exaggerated, it appears to have so the point is untrue, but it really is what you can see.

The interior design of the red flag S9 Officially used the “hawk, piercing Yufeng” design concept, listening is not very domineering ah! The atmosphere in the control layout is simple, the selected materials mostly carbon fibers and turning the fur design. Steering wheel racing-style design, integrated sports seats will have more fun racing trim build.

Power systems, this mid-mounted S9 V8 turbocharged engine and the electric motor oil composition hybrid system, the maximum power of 1400 hp, while car one hundred kilometers in just 1.9 seconds, top speed will exceed 400km / h, which is to catch up with the rhythm of Bugatti?

Second, Wei to EP9

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Wei to the car is a topic that comes with the car companies, but its first model EP9 at that time really is the existence of a God, because in 2016 October 12, EP9 Nürburgring in Germany set the fastest lap of electric vehicles 7 minutes 05 seconds, this achievement was in created quite a stir, the move is successful fired Wei to car brands.

EP9 entire carbon fiber composite body, 1735 kg total body weight, to achieve a higher standard car. Both sides of the front bumper face with a large size vent design, with a full set of headlights LED light source, using a plurality of internal light blue LED light with the composition, there is a sense of design. Car side EP9 in proportion symmetry, prominent front and rear wheels is designed to increase the full sense of movement. EP9 on a power machine equipped with a high performance four independent transmission and 4, the maximum output power of 1360 hp, 0-200km / h acceleration time of 7.1 seconds, speed up to 313km / h. Also increased the fast charge mode, full power needs in fast-charge mode 45 minutes, mileage is 427 km.

Third, the future of K50

red flag S9 and Wei to EP9 one of those ordinary people can not afford or buy a supercar, and future K50 is a very close to the people of the electric car. K50 as a future car’s first model, the subsidized price of 686,800 yuan. K50 is a typical pure electric two-door sports car, have the kind of overall shape and smooth Smart car. Relative to the general appearance of the entire sports car, K50 in some respects still has a larger controversy. Appearance hardware, high-performance brake system employed Brembo, high-performance tires Pirelli tires P ZERO’s. Other parts, you can see a lot of carbon fiber material covered.


K50, the most attractive is the two large screen, in addition to carbon fiber material are selected materials, leather materials and Alcantara. The seat part, movement of the seat with integrated cover turn fur material, further comprising a heating, ventilation and other functions. Power, the future K50 equipped with dual front and rear motor, withAn electric four-wheel drive system, the maximum power of 435 horsepower and peak torque of 680 cattle middot; m. Zero one hundred km / h acceleration time of 4.6 seconds, the battery capacity 78.84 kwh.

simple summary: With China’s independent brand development, consumer demand upgrade, the future will be more and more domestic sports, in addition to the above-mentioned three K50, S9 and EP9 life is too far away, when the future to have more close to the people’s car, we look forward to!

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