3 minutes to look at cars circle: Bin Limu still will be discontinued 60-year-old engine or into a swan song?

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[car] higher air quality inside the Volvo XC60 T8 models listed

recently, the coffee road car from Volvo’s official website informed that the 2020 Volvo XC60 T8 models officially listed, the new car launch Zhiyuan sport and Ya-chi Deluxe Edition two models, priced at 527,900 yuan and 605,900 yuan.

the overall shape of the new car and the old models no difference, mainly for the upgrade configuration, in which the low-equipped models will replace the air-conditioning system for the double-effect enhanced air purification system and AQI air quality monitoring system with real-time AAC , also equipped with R-Design sports package. With models to increase air suspension system, the overall shape is more biased fine.

Power, the car will continue to carry the plug-in engine and a motor composed of 2.0T hybrid system, the maximum power of 408 horsepower integrated peak torque of 640 cattle middot; m, 8-speed manual transmission system matching since one gearbox.

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[car] life up to 651 kilometers a second-generation Toyota Mirai official figure released

a few days ago, the road to obtain a set of coffee car from Toyota Toyota official Mirai second-generation production version of the official map, new and not very different from the concept version, reported that new car sales will begin in late 2020 in Japan, North America and Europe, it is not the introduction of the country. The looks of it, the new car grille style is more exaggerated, the front face to move closer to family design. Modeling the vehicle side slip back significantly, the location on the cockpit, with the through rear tail light, surrounded by black design. Car use 12.3 inches and 8 inches in the control panel LCD meter. Compared to the previous generation model, the new car uses dynamic coupe style, interior refinement also raise a lot of sense, critical power system, by raising the hydrogen fuel cell system, Mirai’s life in30 increased the percentage of the process, to 405 miles, approximately 651.8 km.

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[car] + surround the through taillight lamp atmosphere SEAT LEON new Trailer FIG released

recently, a new release SEAT models LEON Figure trailer, new car based on Volkswagen MQB platform to build, is expected to March this year, the opening of the Geneva Motor show debut. Trailer according to FIG view, a new car with the flat front face of the front grille, P shaped daytime running lights, the through air inlet, through the rear with a rear light, tail above the rear window, the overall look more compact. Interior with wraparound red lamp atmosphere, also equipped with three-spoke multifunction steering wheel, wherein the suspension control liquid crystal panel, like the lateral air-conditioning outlet.

power, the new car is expected in the three-cylinder engine equipped with the entry model 1.0T, 1.5T engine equipped with models, models equipped with 48V high light mixing system. It is reported that the new car will introduce a plug equipped with 1.4T engine and motor hybrid models, maximum power of 204 horsepower.

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[new car] is still for sale on 30 Bin Limu 6.75 Edition special Edition official figure released

recently, a group of the official release of Bentley 6.75 Edition Mu yet special edition of the official figure. It is reported that Bin Limu yet to be officially discontinued this spring, the new car is equipped with its memorial 6.75L V8 engine, the limited edition of 30.

special appearance of blue car paint, side 21 inches with a single color five-spoke wheels. Interior seat further optional customized leather four different colors, using the rear limit DangbaThe amount of car number plate. From 6.75 Edition special pattern behind the front wheel and the seat back of the badge, which can be seen memorable models.

power, maximum power of new cars equipped with a 537 horsepower, peak torque of 1100 bovine middot; m 6.75L V8 twin-turbo engine, the engine is the longest continuous production V8 engine in the world, continuous production has 60 years.

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