3 minutes to look at cars circle: Volvo 2.0T + 05 grams love letter 8AT collar officially unveiled

“Road coffee RAP” three minutes a day, the commentary over the rim the size of things, Jen, fresh spicy

[car] outlook caused new SUV notice of an exposure is expected in 2020 Beijing Motor show

recently, the road map concept coffee car purchase notice caused new SUV from relevant sources, reported that the new car will be released during the 2020 Beijing auto show, its positioning can be understood as the whole concept of a new generation of induced 5.

before the

Appearance, car face with an inverted trapezoidal grille, the car body-side two-color design, a roof with red + black + white body color surrounded triple combination, the rear with a new logo letters, slender tail shape, together with the intermediate chrome Trans.

car interior with styling the unique dual-spoke steering wheel, electronic Dangba, full LCD instrument panel and 14-inch touch screen, the overall style is dominated by young scientists. In addition, the top of the center console will be equipped with AI Artificial Intelligence assistant equipment, specific features yet to be verified. The power of the message has yet to reveal the new car, we will continue to focus on specific information.

[car] compact SUV crossover positioning collar 05 grams officially unveiled

Recently, the collar 05 grams officially starting debut in Shanghai, which is a cross-border integration and SUV design elements COUPE The compact SUV, will be listed on the first half of 2020.

Appearance, car uses g collar design family, split inner L-shaped headlight daytime running lights, with the through grille, roof by suspension design, using progressive rear lamps. Car length and breadth were 4592/1879 / 1628mm, wheelbase 2734mm.

car interior design elements of polygons overall design of the main control panel with a large dimension, but the area surrounding the front and Dangba increased physical key.

reported that new car power will JLH-3G15TD mounted model of 1.5T turbocharged engine and the model JLH-4G20TD 2.0T turbocharged engine, the maximum power which were 180 horsepower (132 kilowatts) and 188 hp (140 kW). Future may carry Drive-E Series 2.0TD high-powered engine from Volvo, powertrain matching Aisin eight-speed manual gearbox.

[car] wheelbase Audi A7L more information SAIC exposure

Recently, the road car get coffee from the relevant channels to an Audi A7L related tender notice, this is the first public official documents confirm the project. The exposure of the tender is quot; SAIC-Volkswagen Automotive Co. CP3 Audi A7L automatic stud welding projects of international bidding tenders quot ;, a total of 31 sets of CP3 Audi A7L automatic stud welding projects. It is reported that the new car will be mass production in 2020, and in August the same year off the assembly line production.

new car will be based on longer wheelbase of the Audi A7, but is still using the fastback styling, but whether to retain the standard wheelbase version will be a challenge after the smooth extension. The current model and the new car interior design style is consistent, however, with its longer wheelbase rear space also will be expanded.

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“cash Audi A7”

Price, the cash mounted Audi A7 2.0T and 3.0T V6 engine, the price range of 57.38-85.98 million. Domestic version A7L prices are expected to edge lower.

[new car] the appearance of a more youthful brand new Golf GTI imaginary figure

A few days ago, Russian media released imaginary map Kolesa.ru eighth generation Golf GTI, the new car to add more red elements, it is expected to 2020 in debut.

before the

Appearance, car face red trim throughout the headlight and the online party, and increase GTI nameplate on the left side of the net. Meanwhile, the front grille below the bumper on both sides of the side cheek has a similar design, the internal retention front fog lamps, and the central Honeycomb grid.

front side and rear fender also increases red GTI identification, compared to the normal version of the model, a larger car rim size, lower suspension, a rear bilateral double tail circular mouth .

According to the public official sources informed its future will launch the Golf GTI and Golf R performance version of the Golf eighth two derivative models. As GTI TCR and GTD models coming into the country is not very high possibility. Reference plug using new hybrid golf sitting GTE 245 horsepower, the power car or close thereto.

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