3 minutes to see the car ring: In addition to the low match, there are TSS, new Camry configuration exposure

“Road coffee fast comment” 3 minutes a day, evaluation of the car circle, fast people happy, fresh spicy

[New car] TSS IT security system / automatic air conditioning, etc., new Camry has a highlight?

Recently, we get new news, the new Camry will be listed on February 25, the appearance continues to provide both luxury and sports. Recently, online exposure of the new car configuration information will launch 10 models, 2.0L power has 3 models, less than the current model. In addition to the entry version 2.0e elite version, other models are equipped with TSS IT IT. 2.5L Mixed Edition and 2.5L Fuel Configuration Basic differences, Feng Yen standard 18-inch rim, 12.3-inch full liquid crystal meter, etc. The flagship version further increases the steering wheel electric regulation, the second drive 10 to electric adjustment, driver’s seat memory, front seat heating / ventilation, rear seat electric adjustment, automatic air conditioning. (With map is spy photos + official map, from the network)

[New car] Modern new electric SUV debut, Ioniq 5 has a highlight?

February 23 The positioning of medium SUVs, the new electric architecture E-GMP, the new design concept is the highlight of the new car. From the official map of the published official map, modern Ioniq 5 has a big breakthrough, which looks very futuristic, solar roof can transmit electricity for vehicle battery. The interior is equipped with two 12-inch screens, and the traditional front row of central island is canceled. The front and rear seat configurations are good. According to the news that the current mastery, the power is provided, providing 2 refund versions, long-lasting two-drive version of the battery is 480km, and the electric charge is charged from 10 percent to 80% to 18 minutes.

[New Car] This Korean SUV wants to open an electric version, Get Jie Si GV70E is so?

In December last year, Jieji GV70 officially globally started, it was the first medium-sized SUV of Jiegis Si. Recently, this Korean SUV electric version has a new news, and the GV70E of Jieji GV70E has taken an overseas road test. According to foreign media news, new cars may be unveiled at the end of this year, and produced in 2022. The battery pack from SK INNOVATION is equipped with the endurance, the maximum battery life or 500km. The modeling design and fuel plates are similar, equipped with split lamps, closed grilles. The rim shape is basically unchanged, and it should be the rice tires. (Source: Motor1)


Interior and 3 series is almost / medium control screens, the new BMW X4 is like this?

Recently, online exposure of the new BMW X4 overseas spy photos, new cars may be unveiled in the second half of this year. This exposure has an inner accessory and the latest appearance spy photos, the new BMW X4 interior style and BMW 3 Series, equipped with a full LCD dashboard, a three-spoke multi-function steering wheel with shifting pieces, central control The screen is more than the casino, the electronic shift lever looks smaller. From the indicator of the dashboard, this may be a M40i model model, and the configuration should be rich and may also be equipped with a new Idrive8 system. The appearance did not use quot of QUOT in the new 4 series; big nostrils quot; shape, but may be adjusted on size. There is no news at present, and it is expected to continue to carry a current 2.0T engine, and the parameters may be further improved. (The picture is from the network)

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