3 minutes to see the car ring: more than 30,000 cheaper than the top, the new Tang EV four-wheel drive version

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[New Car] BYD Tang EV has a four-wheel version: more than 30,000 / life is more than 500km

January 6, the new BYD Tang EV added a four-wheel drive High performance version of honor, priced price of 283,500 yuan after subsidies. Compared with the top four-drive high-performance version of the creation flagship model, the price of new cars is 31,300 yuan, and the configuration reduces the driving space electric seat memory, steering wheel memory, rearview mirror memory, sub-seat adjustment. The motor is still 517 horsepower, but the speed is slow for 0.2 seconds, and the top version is 4.4 seconds, the new model is 4.6 seconds, NEDC pure voltage is still 505km. The car is equipped with a 15.6-inch medium control screen, which can be upgraded in OTA.


[New Car] Configure upgrade / start less than 110,000, new Kia K3 has a highlight?

January 6, the new Kia K3 officially listed, the new car launched 5 models, priced at 10.98-1318 million yuan. The appearance is not changed, the interior is added to some chrome plating strips, upgrades the configuration, providing LED lamp group, one-button start, electric folding outer rear view mirror with heating function, double zone automatic air conditioner, 10.25 inches, control screen, Baidu intelligent interconnection and other configurations. The power provides 1.5L and 1.4T engines, and the maximum power is 115 horsepower and 130 horsepower, match the CVT transmission and 7-speed dual clutch gearbox. Overall, the value of this sedan is not bad, and it is more suitable for home use.

[New Car] Geely New SUV interior exposure, medium control screen size ratio is large, large

Geely CMA super parent has new car This may be a medium SUV, the internal code KX11. Its appearance spy photos have been exposed, and we have recently obtained its interior spy photos from the Internet. The biggest highlight is the central control + co-passenger cable design, the middle control screen size is from the spy photos. . In addition, we can see the new car from the meter, using a straight waterfall, a horizontal lamp, and the front bumper design is exaggerated. The side of the body is straight, before, there is a news that the new car may launch 7 layouts, but these news has to be adopted. (The picture comes from the network)


[New Car] Tesla Model S PLAID has a highlight? 1100 horsepower + battery 840 kilometers

Tesra Model S Plaid version may be unveiled this year, during the end of the year, this car has a price of 11.749 million yuan. Recently, we get online from the online MODEL S PLAID spy photos, the appearance uses a lot of aerodynamic kits, canceling chrome-plated knits, and the rim size is larger. The interior has no spy photos, the design may be more concise, and the steering wheel may use the touch button. The power is equipped with three motors, the comprehensive power exceeds 1100 horsepower, 2.1S breaks the hundred, NEDC battery 840km. (The picture comes from the network)

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