3 minutes to see the car ring: No V8 is mixed, AMG C 63 Travel Edition exposure

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[new car] AMG is mixed! Mercedes-Benz wants to release Mercedes-Benz C63 travel version at the end of the year

Recently, the online exposure of the new Mercedes-Benz AMG C 63 travel version of the spy photos, the new car may be unveiled at the end of this year. The biggest change is the power part. It does not carry a traditional V8 engine, but a mixing system equipped with a four-cylinder engine + motor. There is a message that the system’s comprehensive power will exceed 500 hp. The drive system also matches a 9-speed automatic transmission, but the four-wheel drive system is optimized. From a spine, its appearance is very strict, the lamp group and the new Mercedes-Benz C level are very similar. The side of the body is equipped with the front and rear rings of different styles, and the tail uses bilateral four-exhaust layout. (The picture comes from the network)


[New Car] Sports SUV, 2021 Kaiyi X3, starting

budget 100,000 Can I buy SUV? On February 26, 2021 Kaiyi X3 was officially listed, and the new car launched 2 models, priced at $ 6.89-759 million. It only provides 2 hand-moving models before it, this maximum change is to increase the 1.5T engine + CVT power assembly. In addition, the new car also adds a new retro blue appearance color, dynamic red black, LED daytime running light, induction wiper function, outer mirror electric folding / lock automatic folding, air purification system, intelligent scene navigation, accident collision Data recorder and other configurations. The power is equipped with a 1.5T engine of the maximum power of 156 horsepower and matches the CVT gearbox.

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[New Car] Volkswagen’s brother car to replace, New Skoda Jing Rui Exposure

There is a message saying that the new Skoda Jing Rui will be released within 2021, the new car will be converted with MQB A0 platform, body size than the cash Longer, modeling also uses Upper Skoda’s latest design. Recently, online exposure of the new Sweeping new spy photos, it adjusts the front face, equipped with a new style hexagon, and the front and rear lamp groups are redesigned. On the size, the new car length is 4107/1780 / 1460mm, and the shaft distance is 2564mm, the wheelbase is nearly 100mm longer than the previous generation model, and the trunk is 350L. The new car provides 1.5T four-cylinder, 1.0T three-cylinder, 1.0L three-cylinder engine 3 power, matching 5-speed manual transmission, 6-speed manual transmission, 7-speed dual clutch gearbox. (The picture comes from the network)


[New Car] No manual gear, 2021 Chevrolet Cowsworth list

February 26, 2021 Chevrolet Cowsworth is officially launched, the new car cancels two manual stop models, only 3 automatic stop models, priced of 8.99-9.99 million yuan, price and old models. There is no change in new car modeling, mainly adjustment of the configuration, and the entry version 325T automatic Xin Yue version has changed a 15-inch rim. Zhong with Redline 325T automatic Xin Shang version upgrade cortical seat and dermetary steering wheel, cancel the 8-inch central control LCD screen, reverse image, GPS navigation, multimedia charging interface and other configurations. The top version of the Redline 325T automatic pleasure version adds redline black skin interior. The power is unchanged, and the maximum power of 125 horsepower is continued to match the 6-speed manual transmission. (With the map is a cash type)

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