3 oil household cars, the minimum fuel consumption is only 4L / 100km, and it is also suitable!

When the Spring Festival holiday, I discussed a question with the old man. What would the men who have families have the most considering when buying a car? He replied: Yes money. I was speechless at the time, saying, everyone thought about it was the first thing to buy when buying a household car, or the friend is forwarding so much oil trick? Today, Xiaobian will find a few high-quality home sedan, let’s take a look at it.

1,2021 Sylphy

The car was listed last year, and there were 8 models, and the manufacturer’s guidance range between 9.98 million to 143,000 yuan. . Now, the dealer of this car is between 87,800-139,000, the price is very nice.

On the power, the combination of the vehicle is 1.6L engine + CVT transmission, the maximum power is 135 horsepower, 122 horsepower, and the peak torque is 159 Nm, respectively, respectively. 155 Nm.

The integrated fuel consumption of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is 4.9L / 100km, 5.1L / 100KM, 5.2L / 100KM, 5.3L / 100KM, and 6.1L / 100KM, luggage. The volume of the box is 560L, 510L, and can be said to save oil, shopping is incorrect. From the perspective of household, Sylphy is a good choice, but if you pursue your pleasure, the motivation of Sylphy is not suitable.

2,2021 Elantra

To tell, Elantra’s appearance is enough to earn more return rate, because it is really “fierce”! The listing time of the new car is in October 2020, there is a sentence in the car circle called “Golden Nine Silver Ten”, so this listing time has added a fire to its sales. Elantra has launched a total of 6 models for everyone to choose, and its manufacturer’s guidance range between 99,800 and 141,800. As of now, Elantra’s reseller’s reference price and manufacturer’s guide price remain unchanged, and there is no preferential amplitude.

In fact, the entry-level model of Baoli, IlanteThe pricing of the door-class model is a little expensive, but it is handsome and saving. The Minimum fuel consumption of the Ilantletic system is only 5.2L / 100km, while the equivalent of LaVida and Bora’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology are 5.3L / 100km.

In addition, in power, the Ilantle has a combination of 1.5L + CVT transmission, with a maximum power of 115 horsepower, peak torque is 143.9 cattle Rice; the other two models are equipped with a combination of 1.4T + 7DCT gearbox whose maximum power is 140 horsepower, peak torque is 211 Nm.

The small suggestion given by Xiaobian is: If you don’t have much demand for power, you can take the lead in considering 2021 Elantra luxurious version of the model; if you are driving If you have any requirements, you can take the lead in considering 2021 Elantra GDI Lux Premium Edition models.

3,2021 Toyota Corolla

The car has been listed last year, and there is also a total of 15 models that have just been listed in January this year. Its manufacturer’s guidance range is between 10.98 million to 1.598 million, and the dealer’s reference price is between 10.08 million to 1.548 million, the preferential amplitude is small, but it is also a piece of “meat”.

On the power, the selection space provided by the vehicle is large, in which the model of the 1.5L engine is used, the maximum power is 121 horsepower, the peak torque is 148 Nm; 1.2 The maximum power of the T + CVT gearbox combination is 116 horsepower, the peak torque is 185 Nm; the maximum power of the 1.8L + E-CVT gearbox combination is 98 hp, and a permanent magnet synchronous motor is equipped.

It is worth mentioning that the comprehensive fuel consumption of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in this car is 4L / 100km, the highest is only 5.7L / 100km, which is a good provincial oil household car. .

Summary: These three models have their own characteristics, but the total feature is not only oiling and suitable for home. In addition, if you want to run a private house, then this3 models can also meet your needs. The price is low, the fuel consumption is low, and it can run the drip, nice!

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