30 days 35 000 orders to break a long ou still X7 explosion models derived from the product of conscience and attitudes

listed 30 days so far, long ou orders still X7 has exceeded 35,000, in today’s market, cold environment, will undoubtedly become a phenomenon explosion models. The reason behind this, not just hardware models recognized by consumers, more continuous efforts of the entire team. The secret behind the

explosion models

service level, at the end of last month, long ou still X7 officially listed in the Great Hall, while 7.77-11.77 million price stunning the audience, the site is still a long ou still facing the media, the top five customers sworn commitment, in this cold automobile market, quot; five commitments quot; no doubt again establish consumer confidence.

quot; five commitments quot; include: to ensure sales, service price transparency, no price increases and bundling. Ensure delivery vehicle, repair time standardization. New car guarantee optimum condition delivery, guaranteed authentic original accessories. To ensure that the store immediately reply consulting, online counseling rapid response, one day solve. Guarantee professional service, warm hospitality.

since listing, attention long ou still X7 continues to rise, substantial growth in orders, there has been factory overtime production also hard to find a car phenomenon.

under the

time is short, heavy task, yet the car still long Anou solemnly fulfill delivery of the vehicle to the customer 30 days service, emphasizing once again the industry’s leading quot; five commitments quot ;, quality and quantity of customer orders, each long section ou still X7 are fine.

did not increase

At about 17:00 pm Dec. 27, appeared on many network platform suspected increase resale priority to mention cars privileges negative phenomena triggered heated online debate. For a time this illegal behavior many consumers are misled and deluded, and affected the normal sales still long Anou X7, but also illegalBack in the Great Hall of the five major commitments made to customers.

At present, the network is still a long Anou increase the resale priority to mention cars privileges phenomenon has made serious conduct a thorough investigation, the matter is purely rumor, unfounded. Changan Motor’s passenger car brands, to all the media and customers to ensure long ou still auto dealers will not appear increase to mention cars phenomenon. Up to now, all PDI planned long ou are still car terminal in accordance with a predetermined order in an orderly manner. Ou still a long car still solemnly fulfill delivery of the vehicle to the customer 30 days service, profound practice quot; five commitments quot ;.


a month, long ou still Automotive solemnly swear five major commitment to customers, including quot; price transparency, delivery standardization, quality assurance, quick response, professional services quot; attracted industry attention and trust of consumers. As of now, it is still a long Anou X7 full moon ceremony, order broke straight 35000.

At the same time, also had to mention cars queuing delay and other issues, and the emergence of some customers not to mention the time before the Spring Festival car phenomenon. In this regard, long ou still do not get the car also mention car and set the car the customer is about to launch quot; 5000 Wan waiting for the bus to practice deep red envelopes plan quot ;, quot; five commitments quot ;.

pre-market customers order a car, from the date of listing, 30 days no mention of car customers, from December 30, 150 yuan and other red car every day; after the listing customer order a car, custom car date, over 30 days did not mention car customers enjoy 150 yuan / day set the car red; not to mention all customers during the Spring Festival car and set the car customers, straight collar 2100 yuan red envelopes and other vehicles.

ou still long X7 Changan Automobile share of global R & D resources and strong repairer strength, the brand took four years to build a high quality bid was fine car. Long ou still Automotive has always been adhering quot; user-led quot; core philosophy, whether it is industry devaluation of lifelong quot; double-free quot; policy or the launch quot; 5000 Wan waiting for the bus red envelopes quot; to quot; five commitments quot ; deep practice, verification of conscience in its corporate attitude.

on the conscience of the car

the market in all the sales success of the model, common in that price, configuration, distribution, design, durability, and many other aspects of They are not in short supply, and there are outstanding advantages. So Honda Civic, Toyota Highlander so, so Hover H6, Volkswagen Lavida even more so.

ou still X7 from a long body, the same is true, but there is a difference in degree. 3 years = 1095 days, six to nine global deployment of 3,000 engineers, carefully built and eventually it than a lot of good products in the market at the same level the more obvious advantages.

the most central part of the engine, transmission, chassis, car, long ou still stood X7 Changan brands quot; shoulder quot; on. Heart, quot; top ten Chinese heart engine quot; whale title 1.5T GDI engine, 350bar using high pressure direct injection system, the maximum power of 131kW, maximum torque 265Nmiddot; m, 7-speed matching blue whale wet dual clutch transmission, one hundred km fuel consumption 7.4L, bring a smooth comfortable ride and plenty of power output.

this powertrain, already from power, fuel economy, durability several dimensions harvested consumer market recognition.

chassis technology, and the world’s top standards, from Chang’an Detroit R & D centers in North America from Ford team tuned, equipped with the same level of flexibility unique sub-frame, double chassis design soft connection, can absorb a large number of attenuation of noise and vibration transmitted to the pavement interior space, reduced vibration and noise bumps the car a sense of the road surface. Above, further amplifying the reputation of Changan advantage in terms of chassis technology.

Further, the core standard of 6 items: LED headlamps wide standard, electronic parking, soft connection bis chassis design, the integrated electronic stability systems, floating color touch screen, the blue whale heart 1.5TGDI China Top ten engine, to borrow a luxury brand’s slogan, long ou still X7 = quot; Getting Started Get leapfrog quot ;.

Additionally, Changan CA-PDS DevelopmentEndorsement process, long before the official ou still X7 factory after 5 million kilometers of road vehicle stringent verification, which totaled harsh gearbox experimental verification of more than eight million kilometers.

Finally, linked to the price range of 7.77-11.77 million, you will find the same price at the same level SUV market, design, space, technology, price, performance configuration, security, and other major consumer core demand for cars, long ou X7 are still holding the advantage.

from the appearance to the sale, to be officially listed, and then after a month orders exceeded 35,000, still a long Anou X7 again and again given a surprise. Long ou still X7 also the rapid development of its brand, laid a great beginning. 2020 may be cold, but the cold does not belong to long Anou yet.

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