300,000 election SUV, + configuration space is large enough for practical, Lincoln adventurer more value than the BMW X1?

Lincoln’s first domestically recent version of the model Lincoln Corsair (adventurer) to open the pre-sale, as the most powerful on the market BMW X1 competitor, both will inevitably be out at present to compare. Both cars similar power, but the starting price difference of 3 million. But their style is not the same, the BMW X1 represents comfort and driving feel, Lincoln adventurer is more emphasis on configuration and practicality. If you have 300,000, both cars in the end how to choose it?

adventurer larger size, color value X1 compelling

X1 and BMW Lincoln adventurer belong compact SUV, adventurer length and breadth were 4615/1887 / 1630mm, BMW measurements for the 4565/1821 / 1620mm, therefore adventurer looks larger and wider, full of momentum, the BMW X1 is a bit small.

However, the large size does not represent a large space, the BMW X1’s wheelbase 2780mm, adventurer and more than a 69mm, So BMW X1 rear passenger space more comfortable.

However adventurer luggage compartment volume reached 594L in 5 mode, you can put three 28-inch trunk, very suitable for family travel. In contrast, the BMW X1 trunk space a bit crowded, but squeeze 3 might also be able to put down.

Yan value terms, the two vehicles are different. Continuation of the Lincoln family adventurer face design, a large number of decorative chrome trim grille, side outline simple lines muscular, through more narrow taillights, widening the overall visual effect.

BMW X1 uses the latest design language BMWX family, more spacious double kidney grille front appears to make tough domineering full. Old halogen fog lamps are replaced by black trim, the whole line is more a sense of power, looks more biggas.

Yan value is a very hanging things, turnip greens all have love. Xiao Bian prefer the BMW X1 atmosphere and sharp style, full of personality, and adventurers not play low-key appearance is very engaging.

adventurer richer configurations power the winner in the negative

Inside, the adventurers also highlights the luxury of temperament. The whole system comes standard with 12.8 inches high definition touch screen, and is equipped with SYNC + Chi Heng Internet, allows you to use voice control of all configuration functions. And top version with leather seats also heating, ventilation, massage function and memory, both intimate and comfortable.

BMW X1 is a bit plain, except for Starter Edition models, other models with 10.25 inches in the control panel. The seat is made of leather, but also requires the optional heating function, can not see practicality.

Security configuration, there adventurer Stopamp; Go automatically centered with the car, the LCA lane, intelligent adaptive cruise control, collision avoidance assistance system, the reverse brake assist system, a key parking system, ESA emergency avoidance steering assist. In addition, the adventurer whole system comes standard knee airbags, to make your journey safer driving.

This is particularly shabby than a security configuration of the BMW X1 not only lane departure warning systems not equipped with even the top version models require optional cruise control. But BMW X1 whole system comes standard ambient lighting, atmosphere and mood still in place.

Power, adventurer using 2.0T turbocharged engine, the maximum power of 180kW, maximum torque 390N.m, matching the eight-speed manual gearbox. BMW X1 into it with models using 2.0T turbocharged engine, the maximum power of 141kW, maximum torque 280N.m, matching the eight-speed manual gearbox. In addition two cars in the drive form offers two drive and four-wheel drive version of the model.

adventurer slight advantage on the power parameters, but BMW has always been known for sports, so drivingFeel better, but also many of its class can match. BMW X1 and the Ministry of Industry and combined consumption is 6.8L / 100km, compared adventurer lower fuel consumption, but the BMW X1 is 95 plus gasoline, oil costs so much difference between the two vehicles.

[summary] adventurer is Lincoln’s first domestically produced cars, because Lincoln luxury camp in the Chinese market has been routed to the third camp, BMW also face such a strong opponent, so adventurers must improve their competitiveness in terms of price and configuration, in order to seize the market. If you want cost-effective, fully equipped, adventurer is more suitable; if you want to open out rosy, smoother driving feel, then you deserve the BMW X1.

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