360+, which is: the last new forces?

Through the world, the Chinese automotive industry is the least one thing is homogeneration.

Non-legacy, or new forces.

If a car purchase finds the break point of the times, it is very good to replicate it, and you will have a similar product in your eyes. The reason is nothing, the participants are too much, more than 100 have more than 80 production and sales, this quantity is equal to several times the number of cars in many markets in the world.

Can you avoid homogeneous development? Of course, the premise is that the company has its own core moat, which can be technology, such as BMW’s Clar + power assembly + Net innovation, such as Honda, Toyota, another user mode, Xiaopeng / Tesla’s intelligent driving and many more.

Today, all kinds of enterprises are in cross-boundary, real estate and surrounding a series of constant large, the Internet entry, the Huawei, Xiantong, Ideal, Communication + Software and 30, Xiaomi Incoming There is also an apple that may explode at any time.

So, the old saying can be used in today’s auto industry quot; leave the next enterprise, playing the opportunity to play new patterns, not much. qot;

360+, perhaps the last

In front of you, we can see the form of the car is roughly divided into the following:

1. Tradition Car enterprises transformation: In the premise of producing manufacturing capabilities and have years of production experience, it makes itself a transition from tradition to digital, intelligent. Typical cases are incompetent, all major cars are changed under the core appeal of smart cars. However, this transformation is divided into three, one is to optimize the overall ideas of the enterprise, and the product is optimized, but the overall idea remains stable, such an example has BMW, Mercedes, etc. The other is that the product is transforming, but the development ideas of the company are actually the original, the enterprises and products are further out of touch. The third type is that the products and consciousness are changing, but the time is still short, and it is impossible to see clear conclusions.

2. Cross-border enterprise products: In the new round of cross-border, the company’s category is no longerIt is necessary to have a strong association with the car, but more emphasize the ecological concept. As a result, Xiapeng, Ideal, etc. have completed IPO and raised a large amount of funding for future development, and new enterprises such as the next incident.

During the efforts of many car companies, the viewing feeling of staying to the consumer market is quot; a large number of new and seeking changes, as well as the up-shock quot; Xiaopeng hits more than 200,000 yuan, and Xiaopeng has stabilized more than 400,000 yuan, so there are many examples. However, there is also a more obvious smart car lack of smart cars – the home car of ordinary consumers, it also requires excessive intelligent transformation.

Enterprises that meet ordinary household needs, now there are still few, but from product thinking, business thinking perspective, actually can actually meet smart cars definition, more clear enterprises, only Eula, which 吒 2 Home.

After the returns of Euler rely on the Great Wall, new design, new intelligence, new user games, etc., are constantly Born.

Which car, as a new force entry, in the quiet got of new sales, 1,140,000 units from January to April, if the fundamental of the sales number is actually the pragmatic ability of this company Strong, from the pricing, configuration, intelligent performance, and several perspectives of the consumer core demand, it has its own corresponding highlights.

From which kind of model, the gate of V is below 60,000 yuan, but the endless mileage can exceed 300 kilometers. Keyless entry / start, remote control, etc. is the standard item for this car;

Which 吒 u PRO pricing is also more accurate, and the entry is priced to 100,000 yuan, and the battery will provide more than 400 kilometers, from configuration Description 12.3 inch LCD instruments, standard car network, LED headlights, etc., can meet user needs.

At the same time, where the business is corely fixed, its entry point is also relatively accurate, starting from a safe point of view, which is better to cancel this price of users’ concerns about electric vehicles. Safety perspective includes, the manufacture of vehicles, safety, safety,Active / passive safety, etc.

From the current market base, there is a good performance in the market segment, but it is in the state of relatively germination. Recently, there is a new advantage, holding funds and Internet marketing, 360, choice and where to choose from Internet technology.

What is good, what is the advantage?

360, which is a car D round 3 billion yuan financing, and the financing is completed 360, it is expected to become one of the top three major shareholders of the car. From the perspective, it will bring several aspects. Typical positive:

1. Enhanced the capital capability of cars, with 360 joins, from funds reserve, investment capabilities, and future capital Operation and even have a few aspects of listing fundraising, there is a good strength to this new forces;

2. Give which car stronger technical endorsement, and give its products clearer sale . In recent years, with the rapid development of smart cars, intelligent network security is becoming a new round of topics. In the current car market, 360 is responsible for finding and repairing vulnerabilities as many car companies, with corresponding experience but has no market advantage. With the official of which to the car, the 360 ​​own business sector can play a new bureau in the corresponding ability;

3. Which car can make this card, be more perfect.

More accurate answers, to see it in next. The equity structure after D-wheel financing, what is the intelligent car strategy conference within 360, which will directly decide how much the car is the next highlight.

Of course, there is no full matter, most of the points in front of the car are well, there are some parties that still have suspense. For example, it is said that 360 intentional investment in many car companies, which is the ultimate car What is the status in the 360 ​​smart car strategy, and it has to be verified.

Write in the last:

Finally, as 360 Introduction Auto Industry, we can see the initial outline of China’s smart vehicle development.

Huawei, carrying hardware and software and solutions, participatingIn the automotive industry, even more intentional to complete the holding of car companies;

Hengda, with a room – car – charge system – surrounding solutions, with huge amount of funding into the market;

[123 The previous first round of new forces, Wei Si, Xiaopeng, ideal respectively brought the results of capital and market share, with further changes in the global economic environment, the difficulty of moving the previous model is further higher.

Intelligent driving, intelligent security, smart cockpit, intelligent service, intelligent system, this is the new form of the current automotive industry. In addition to the traditional enterprise, with the 1021 Huawei in the game, with the 360 ​​began in the field of subdivision, there is not much to leave the innovative breakthrough in other car enterprises.

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