6.89 seconds breaks! Guangqi Chuan Chi Leopard “Is it not good”

At the Guangzhou Auto Show in 2020, Guangqi Chuanqi Empow55 appeared, attracted a crowd. Have to say, the design of single Empow55 is sufficiently attracted to young people. Moreover, Guangqi Chuanqi before introducing Empow55, the models of the flag are the main practical and steady route, so the emergence of Empow55 is not awkward, this is like at school, suddenly discovered the “nerd” classmate, The original sports is also OK.

The reason why this metaphor is used, if you have information about Empow55, you will also understand. Empow55 is the first sports car of Guangqi Chuanqi, which is based on the modular architecture of Guangqi Global Platform. However, the saying goes, it is Madai to knew, and recently, I was in the Donghai Bosch Auto Test Center in Lianyungang City, with EMPOW55 to first dynamically test. Also, Guangqi Chuanqi also officially announced the Chinese name of EMPOW55 – a leopard.

First, in advance, the leopard used in this dynamic test, just engineering sample, its power assembly and chassis Calibration is close to mass, but the interior and electronic assistance system, etc., and it is also a stage of unquaified production. In addition, the design of the leopard has been exposed for a long time, and this engineering sample car interior is not a mass production version, so there is no longer spending the pen to go to the ink, we will focus on other information of the leopard and the dynamic performance .

When we look at some martial arts dramas, I believe that there are similar plots, some peerless martial arts It is necessary to have a talented person who has a bright and good. So before explaining how the moving performance of the vast leopard, we must first understand the information of the moving system, chassis, etc. At present, the Great Leopard is equipped with the new third generation 1.5T engine, which can output maximum power 130kW (177 ps), peak torque 270 nmIddot; M. This 1.5TThe engine achieves low fuel consumption while achieving a dual flow path, an integrated dual flow path, an integrated dual flow path, and a high-pressure, high pressure jet, and a low fuel consumption can be achieved while achieving power.

Matching this 1.5T engine is a 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox independently developed by Guangqi Chuanqi. The transmission efficiency is reached. 96 percentage, and support the start of the ejection. Regarding the 2.0T model, I also asked the internal personnel of Guangqi Chuanqi. The answer is this plan, but I still have to watch the market research results and then make a bidding of the 3.0T model. Also wait for the message.

The shadroid uses a combination of the suspension of the multi-links after the front McFeneson, and also uses a short hanging, wide rid of the wheel distance. , Low-cost high design, this is also a “basic quality” essential for sports sedan. In addition, the wind resistance coefficient of the leopard is only 0.26cd. These design portions, not only let the leopard look at the battle gesture with low wide body, but also the performance in driving.

In the Donghai Bosch Auto Test Center, I am driving a vast leopard to accelerate, serpentine winding and radius 40 meters round A total of three projects. The shadow has Comfort, ECO Energy Saving, Sport, Sport + Speed ​​and DIY Total 5 Drive Mode, in a hundred kilometers accelerated test, I will adjust the vehicle to the SPORT + speed mode, and then use the diverting way.

It can clearly feel that the vehicle has a very short slip due to the abundant low torsion output due to the abundant low torsion output, during the acceleration process, this The shift speed of the 7-speed wet double-clutch alternating alternate speed is also very fast, and finally, the speed of acceleration of 100 kilometers I tested is 6.89 seconds, which is more than 0.06 seconds than the official announcement of 6.95 seconds. However, some people run out of 100 kilometers to accelerate 6.7 seconds. For a 1.5T model, the dynamic performance of the leopard and its sports sedanThe identity can be said to be a deputy.

In the serpentine winding project, the vast leopard demonstrates its chassis skill. I drove the leopard to rush into the test area at 60km / h. In the continuous winding pile, the response speed and accuracy pointing by the vast leopard head is very good, although the tire is emitting, but this deputy, Fuqi Chuanqi The Chief Executive Officer of the Institute marco (former Alpha Romeo chassis engineer) led the chassis that the team was taught and showed a good toughness and stability.

Finally, in the steady state of the radius 40 m circle, I drove the leopard to advance the speed from 70km / h to 80km / h, In the process of climbing the speed, it can be obvious, the steering wheel corner, the hand is good with the speed of the car speed. Moreover, although the vehicle is tested at the speed of 80km / h, the body has a larger side, the tire is also a harsh whistling, but you can also feel the housing of the leopard is doing a strong support. Make the leopard to stably carry a circular travel, and finally complete the test.

is driving After the three test items were completed, I also had a deep understanding of the driving force and dynamic performance of the leopard. As the first sports car of Guangqi Chuanqi, the dynamic performance of the vast leopard is undoubtedly amazing. In the official positioning, Guangqi Chuanqi is to create a “light run” that makes young people can buy, which also shows that the price of the leopard will not be very high after the listing, and it is also the target of the target. As well known, Civic, Cable 03 and other models. According to the test score and performance of the leopard, it can be said to be “not good”, and it is also looking forward to it after it is listed, how is the market’s counterpart will.

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