7 large space SUV, targeting Aung way and explorers, not Ke Angke flag November 20 officially listed

Buick’s new 7-passenger SUV Angke flag will be “Buick SUV Family Night” November 20 in the officially announced price. Angke flag positioned in the large SUV, it also allows the introduction of Shanghai GM Buick SUV camp more comprehensive.

Angke flag with a new design style family car lamp regard, it will be equipped with LED matrix matrix separate headlamps. In larger online face flying wing chrome trim size, both sides of the lamp has been extended to the position of the front face of the net larger, stronger momentum.

body size, length and breadth were Angke flag 4981mm / 1953mm / 1732 (1736) mm, wheelbase is 2863mm, and Cadillac XT6 similar size, mass transit compared to expensive and Ford explorers, Angke flag will be a little bit smaller. 20 inches bright silver wheels looked very American, with a large degree of matching body Angke flag is still very good.

using the rear taillights apparent family design, the central through-trim the entire rear, rich lines of the whole shape is very layered. Bilateral were two exhaust style to the rear looked very full.

using the non-symmetrical design of the interior, on the control panel color matching more a sense of integration and dashboard. Center console using cortical parcels, are good grade feeling and touch, the pointer instrument using the liquid crystal panel plus combinations, sorry no full LCD instrument.

space, after the flag Angke second and third rows of seats down, can have good flatness. Further, it supports the third row and the electric folding flips, the second row down through the key may be a key, it is very easy to use.

power, Angke 2.0T flag matches a turbocharged engine with a variable cylinder technology, the maximum power of 237 horsepower and a maximum torque of 350 Nm middot; m. 9 matching speed manual gearbox, and using a push-button control.

as a 7 SUV, believe Angke flag after the listing, will win more attention, but also to everyone in the large SUV which have a choice. Welcome concern “t talk Court car” for more information on the new car.

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