A Diya ALTEA series 552PK RV trailer are cars in the shop price, the sale of the country

A Diya 552PK ALTEA series RV trailer body outer dimensions 7610times; 2296times; 2580 (mm), the in-car size 5512times; 2170times; 1950 (mm); the body made of a composite sandwich structure of aluminum plates with a facade design using AGCO trailer chassis, a uniaxial design center; curb weight 1228kg, the maximum mass of the total 1500kdg; form a brake inertia brake striker brake;

tire parameters 185 / R14C102.

sequentially from the front to the rear of the bedroom, on the bed area reception area, kitchen, toilet and the vertical position. Vehicle front portion to a transverse sleeper bed design asymmetric type, size 2000times; 1370 (mm), the narrowest dimension of 950mm, satisfying two crew rest is not a problem; furthermore provides a large open deck beneath the storage space, daily storage of bedding and other large objects is not a problem; above the bed with multiple sets of wall cabinets, abundant storage space. Between the reception area and separated by the shutter doors, to ensure the privacy of the two.

casual reception area of ​​the central compartment using deck sofa-block design, with a removable table, can makes up a provisional size 2000times; 950 (mm) sofa bed; outer push window, the window pushed upward lockers, convenient for everyday use on the inside walls of the sofa, surrounded sound system (two-channel) and lighting. Optional TV stand and Bluetooth receivers.

The toilet is located opposite the rear compartment bed using dry separation design. With a fixed toilet, wash basin, vanity mirror, fan, shower, etc., and a plurality of storage compartments; the toilet basin folding style design, saves space toilet, faucets hidden same manner. Water systems, water tank capacity of 50 liters, gray water tank capacity of 25 liters. There are separate shower and external folding doors apart.

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