Acceleration is fast than Xiaopeng P7, Zeekr 001 may not be inoperable

In the current automotive electrical age, in addition to the hot Tesla and new forces brand, independent brand camps are constantly growing, this is not, Geely A new intelligent pure electric brand is also built: the extreme, the English is called Zeekr. The first mass production model ZEEKR 001 appearance interior has been exposed, currently its power configuration is exposed, today coffee broth takes everyone to see this car.

[123 ] There is no new surprise in the appearance, still continuing the concept car design. The concept car is a leading design idea, such as: the split headlights, the air grid, does not use the common closed style of electric vehicles. Compared with the front face of the eye, the car tail design coffee is still a bit novel. The multi-group illuminating design has also been added in the middle of the running tail light group, which looks good. Bitzla, configure Bitzra. In the car, the control screen is 15.4 inches, Bitcla Model 3 (15 inches) is still large. The 8.8-inch LCD instrument is expected to be more convenient than Tesla. In addition to these, like an air suspension, W-HUD shows that there is no frame, these Tesla Model 3 is not.

The wheelbase is nearly 3 meters, and the space is sufficient. Zeekr 001 The bus length 4950mm is closer to 2999mm, which is still much larger than 2920mm from the EV axis of the same level. Combined with the exposed interior official map, the front row adopts an integrated gap seat, which is expected to be good in support and package, and many environmental protection materials are used, and the aurora atmosphere is also added to the car. The luxurious feelings are good.

The power and battery performance are strong, and the same level is a leading state. Among them, the number of zero hundred acceleration is 3.3 seconds than Xiaopeng P7 is still 0.5 seconds. The specific data is the maximum power of 400kW, peak torque 768nmIddot; M, in battery lifeMore than 700km. The chassis suspension also uses a CDC electromagnetic shock absorbing, with low gravity and wide body chassis, is expected to be good.

After reading, coffee felt that everyone has a certain understanding of this model, over 700KM, Bitcla Model 3 higher configuration, stronger acceleration, meaning it should not Will take the price / performance ratio. Looking at Na Tsra and Xiaopeng, the price of the same life / acceleration performance has exceeded 300,000 yuan, and Zeekr 001 should also be almost.

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