After picking up the banner of the 90 consumer, what car to buy the most cost-effective?

younger consumer market, this phenomenon has been discussed 2, 3 years, especially for the automotive market, based on vehicle attributes this young tend to make significant transformation younger. According to “2019 home life and consumer trends report,” he pointed out that after 90 began to dominate the right to speak at home, is the leader in household consumption expenditure, which also means 90 has become the main force in the consumer market.


Although 90 is the main force in the market, but their income actually not optimistic, according to “90 after the 2019 income report” pointed out that in 2019 the per capita income of 90 after 8000, maintaining most of the deposits within 10 million, or 30 percent after 90 consumers are not deposits, still there are a lot of “moonlight clan” exists. Also based on characteristics such deposits, after 90 consumers prefer consuming public goods auto sector, after all, it’s that money really can not afford even a toilet.

At the same time, it is a special challenge after 90 group especially in the case of both a strong sense of personal consumption and household consumption burdened plan, after facing 90 means that funds are not sufficient but higher product requirements of the situation. Faced with this consumer environment, how a car is more suitable for them? After 90 based on income, small joint single out two popular SUV models in a similar price compared, respectively, are “young, fashion, sports, science and technology” loved the image of a whole new generation of KIA proud run (hereinafter referred to a whole new generation proud run) and Honda XR-V (hereinafter referred to as XR-V), the real choice in consumer demand after the 90, to see who is the most suitable for their models.

KIA proud to run a whole new generation 2020 models 1.5L CVT wisdom version

guidance : 125,800 yuan

Dongfeng Honda XR-V 2019 models 1.5L manual version of the classic

guide price: 127,900 yuan

When it comes to young 90 consumption, which certainly is inseparable from the pursuit of color values ​​and smart technology. But in the expression of design, there are significant differences in the style of a new generation of proud run and XR-V. In contrast, the new generation proud to run on a larger breakthrough design, not limited to the past conventional design, sharp lines by more smooth layout and science and technology configuration more fitting times to enhance its visual effect vehicle , depicts the aesthetic needs more in line with today’s young consumers from the inside out.

When it comes to a whole new generation to run the most proud of the bright spots of the design point, it is certainly its front face design and two-tone body color. Proud new generation is used to run a family of more lenient Tigers grille design, matching the design fangs LED headlights, which bring out the sharp front face texture, bring more impact Visual effects.

(new generation proud run)

but not not to mention a whole new generation is proud to run the whole car LED light sources are used, including former LED combination lamps, LED rear-view mirror turn signals, LED rear combination taillights, both to ensure the practicality of everyday use, but also bring a sense of full science and technology visual effects.

(new generation proud run)

In contrast XR -V front design, which tend to be more fashion-oriented small change, but perhaps the basis of its consistent positioning of the car, so the visual effect is still somewhat conservative, the overall feeling of giving a little something light-emitting point, the lack of feeling shines. And XR-V compared to a whole new generation proud to run as well as a more obvious weakness in its entire vehicle usedHalogen lamps are the source of science and technology in brightness and texture gives the feeling inadequate, fewer young people want the kind of cutting-edge technologies of visual experience.

But of course, the design can not just before the face generalize, body the design is equally important, if the front face is a car at first glance gives the impression that the body is designed for small items of local people. In terms of results, a new generation of proud tone body design used to run to highlight its unique visual effect, even more stylish character. Proud new generation and run-level tail design richer sense, chrome taillight employing the both sides are connected to form a waist connected, projecting overall vehicle design sense and sense of depth.

(new generation proud run)

XR- V of vehicle design will become more mellow some portray a sleek, stylish design texture by sleek lines, rounded lines to keep the past in order to create a generous visual effects designed, even if its tail also gives a lovely mellow effect . From a visual point of view, more XR-V is designed to make small changes in intrinsic image, enhance the effect of fashion, but relative, but a lot less modern young consumers want the kind of bold and avant-garde design breakthrough.

In terms of style, XR-V and the new generation proud not run on the same route. XR-V will remain much more in line with the doctrine of past design environment requirements. But in terms of the existing aesthetic needs, a whole new generation proud to run this hit color design and rich sense of technology design details, will be more fit to pursue a unique personality of the younger generation of consumers.

In addition to individual needs, with the age of the Internet with the students of the same length 90 after the same value for the intelligent configuration. In particular advertised intelligent driving today, after 90 choose a car already equipped with these smart as an important reference. And that in this regard, the new generation proud to run and XR-V how about the performance?

It is obvious from the table, showed the new generation grinding run proud pressure of advantages, such as intelligent with adaptive cruise, lane departure warning, lane keeping system, automatic headlights and other functions are readily available, give drivers more adequate security. In contrast to XR-V, performance on the intelligent configuration of the significant gaps, and the practicality of some of the features the new generation is also inadequate in comparison proud to run, such as XR-V is equipped with tire pressure warning only, but a whole new generation has been proud to run with the tire pressure display, allowing owners to more accurately determine the tire situation. There is a whole new generation of proud run has 360deg; impression provide panoramic optional, and XR-V still a full-line reverse image, rich in intelligence and practical configuration, the new generation proud run is clearly superior.

(new generation proud run)

[123 ]

At any time, any age, automotive interior environment is the focus of all persons car. But for now, after 90, they should not only enough seating space, but also need to allow them the satisfaction of the environmental performance of the car, so not only meet domestic demand after they first built the family, but also to meet them together environmental needs during travel.

proud new generation car body size: 4345 * 1800 * 1645mm;

wheelbase: 2630mm

XR-V body size: 4328 * 1772 * 1605mm;

wheelbase: 2610mm

From the point of view of body size and the wheelbase length, the new generation proud run still has obvious advantages. But for XR-V, we all know that Honda has a unique ability to create space, so the XR-V, although slightly smaller, but will not be much difference in the actual space travel.

, but little is done relatively weak XR-V, that the seat is relatively thin texture gives the impression that the length of the cushion is also slightly less. In contrast, the new generation of seats proud to run more solid texture, and because it has a larger body size’s sake, and in the space of no less XR-V, so to talk about space travel and the words of comfort , the new generation will be proud to run even better.

(new generation proud run)

to ensure after enough seating space and comfort, we must think of the performance of the car ambience. However, if we have a good atmosphere inside the car, and ultimately comfortable configuration. The comfortable configuration generally refers to air conditioning, sunroof, air filtration and other environmental functions as well as in-vehicle connectivity, keyless entry, remote control and other functions with ease to ensure that the car has a good time environmental performance. And that in this regard, both the car’s performance is how it?

(new generation proud run)

Comparative from the comfort configuration It is not difficult to see that this area is still a whole new generation of proud run win. Proud to run a whole new generation equipped with a panoramic sunroof, automatic air conditioning, rear exhaust outlet and car air purifiers and other functions, 360deg; full-time to ensure the comfort of the interior environment.

In addition, a new generation of proud ran quite concerned about the habits of young people, with young people to join the wireless charging off with a reminder feature that allows you not only to charge convenient, not to worry about forgetting a mobile phone in the car. Baidu is also equipped with a new generation of intelligent Internet System 2.0, they have the information search, remote control, navigation Baidu, QQ music and voice interaction and many other features, to ensure both entertaining at the same time, also brought quite advanced and intelligent convenience for today’s youth, no doubt, is a great travel tool. By comparison, the XR-V looks a little less kind, a number of features people feel quite dismal.

(new generation proud run)

[123 ]

Xiao Bian has been mentioned at the beginning of the article, the level of deposits now, after 90 is not prominent, is more in keeping 20 and 100 thousand deposit range. So not only focus on the product itself in the shop, its price has also put more stringent controls, which one is more fit their car consumer demand, it is better to gain their favor. Currently running a new generation of proud and XR-V has a corresponding rebates, that from practical terms, who’s more preferential some of it?

(the new generation proud to run)

From the official announcement of channel, the current car is just a whole new generation of these two proud ran launched the “premium package” offer, meaning 10.88-12.58 million new car prices, direct purchase tax, full insurance, and 3-year warranty included , doing we can save a few million in capital expenditures. And also introduced a whole new generation proud to run 7 days replacement, three-year and two-year interest-free open new (hedge buy-back) preferential policies, to minimize the cost of the car, for 90 consumer, no doubt, is excellent.

Full generation proud XR-V running and who is more suitable for young consumers do after 90? From the comparison is easy to see a whole new generation proud to run better, in terms of design, configuration and comfort, etc., a whole new generation proud run have shown amazing strength, and most importantly, the car costs, the new generation proud run to better fit the financial strain after 90 consumers, so that they can feel at ease car while further reducing their financial pressure, and enjoy a more comfortable life and more quality cars.

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