After the test drive WEY VV5, the original 2020 models upgraded more than a little bit!

China has 10 consecutive years ranked first in the world in car sales

According to statistics, the annual passenger car sales more than 20 million

as well as the current car ownership in the country has been a breakthrough 2.4 one hundred million

with the continuous improvement of living standards of the times and the social economy, more and more car for the family, it has been gradually from tens luxury years ago, became an integral part of everyday life now travel tools. Therefore, behind the rapid development of the automotive industry, naturally, showing people relentless pursuit of life for the car.

The reason why domestic car market can grow rapidly, which is a public independent brand cars progress in the manufacturing process as well as product development is not unrelated. Indeed, in the face of a new round of consumer upgrades, when 80, 90 conform to become the main car consumer market, the value of the car’s exterior color, interior design, technology configuration and power has become the indispensable key considerations point.

Although many Young consumers in assessing a car, has a wide range of considerations point in the first place, but have to say is, all kinds of hidden factors also need attention. It also shows that after a “good” and “bad” and can not easily be described by a simple paragraph or an article, but more needs to experience a car to empathy. In this one, named after the founder of the first line to the luxury own brands –WEY, then as a starting point, after the Great Wall car repairer perennial accumulated experience for the young, science and technology, security and many other ideas into products WEY blood inside, it is a perfect example –WEY VV5 arts and crafts.

However, worth noting here is that the author is the result of the experience of 2020 models WEY VV5 re-escalation of experience . And everything changed about the 2020 models VV5 have to begin with the pleasant scenery of Hangzhou.

can be said that every year corresponds to a different aesthetic needs in this rapidly changing era, a man with a locker is important, and the same is true of automotive design. VV5 can attract long-term pay close attention to many young population, which is an important factor in the car’s design details will be adjusted in accordance with the appropriate upgrade part of the consumer needs. In the 2020 models VV5, in addition to upgrading technology configuration, the appearance of the interior of the car “innovation” has become a major attraction.

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As we discuss the possible upcoming closely with the exterior, interior topic, but VV5 2020 models have demonstrated this facelift the opinion of. Pay more observation is not difficult to find, designer of the “mind” seem to have spent a crucial point. WEY family “vertical-type element” can be demonstrated most vividly in the VV5, whether products Logo, daytime running lights, front / rear fog lights, LED front and rear headlamps and the rear bodywork group of reflective tape Jieneng reflected.

Meanwhile, not only the appearance of the continuation of the original VV5 Panthers bionics high degree of design and geometry array via a new grille design not only adds more engaging than elegant texture of the waves, it also bringsA strong sports atmosphere. In addition, 2020 models VV5 entire department is also equipped with LED headlamps integrated distance group, the internal matrix elements into the science and technology is the show to a whole new dimension.

In fact, WEY innate sense of luxury, more is to convey to every rider through the interior to create texture. The interior leather material coated fingertips VV5 is most proud of the place, coupled with stereo surround-like center console and a large brushed metal trim embellishment, layered wells at the same time, also the 2020 models VV5 Ends unique insight to the concept of luxury light.

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have to admit, WEY brand for configuration science and technology have a more avant-garde understanding. But it is this intelligent thinking, to create a distinctive VV5 convenience. Compared to older models, models 2020 VV5 biggest change in the configuration of the system is a vehicle and the function interface UI has been updated, and slightly tilted to the size suspended in the control panel by the driver’s side is also 9 inches It was changed to 12.3 inches. It is worth mentioning that the hearing Feifei fish 2.0 system to build a new system based on intelligent cars, not only to provide 4G mobile network, the occupants inside the vehicle functions may also be performed by the phrase “Hello, little V” as the window / panoramic sky open navigation route planning, online music player, air conditioning zoning control.

and intelligent vehicle systems, like, VV5 create struggling under intelligent environment, there are many models in the same level of functionality can explore not common; for example, on the front windshield, wide only a few luxury brand will be used in high-definition streamingThe corner mirror, or is included with the electronic shifting automatically restore the P position sensing ceremony brought door is opened, even under the physical keys on both sides of the console and the main sensing operation knob damping multimedia systems are designed just right.

The above features for 2020 in terms of section VV5 tip of the iceberg, users can according to their actual needs, optional camera located Driver Monitoring System a column. This is a system capable of real-time facial expressions driver’s identification, and will match the current for the driver to listen to music and radio stations.

and more importantly, that a facial recognition system in addition to the driver to bring interesting outside interactive, but also for the driver while driving whether frequent blinking, yawning fatigue driving reminders, and automatically navigate to the nearby rest area and other functions. Thus, VV5 in front of a number of artificial intelligence, its progress has been far beyond our imagination.

With the implementation of national standards VI and implement more a growing number of car prices in response to the national call for energy saving measures by the forward-looking layout in technology research and development, manufacturing, and other products to launch in line with GB standard models.

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and the most sincere, the 2020 models VV5 and are not adjusted because the parameters VI emission standards for the country’s only engine, with the opposite is switched to a new code-named “E15BA / E20CB” of 1.5T / 2.0T turbocharged engine. Both sets new 1.5T, 2.0T powertrain uses a new electronically controlled turbine technology. Maximum power of 171 hp, 227 hp, peak torque of 287 cattle middot; m, 387 cattle middot; m. Transmission section, matching 7-speed double clutch gearbox. In the driving mode selection, a total of Eco Vv5 economy, Normal and Sport, which is common three driving modes, the suspension system is the combination of the first all-independent suspension McPherson double wishbone.

The test drive VV5 1.5T intellectual vanguard models, starting along the way through the city congested roads, highways and winding road from the Xixi Wetland Park Moganshan Hangzhou. However, in the day’s journey, give the author was impressed, in addition to relaxing on the highway driving experience, including a trek in the winding road performance.

In the early part of on the long-Shenzhen Expressway, the author is more concerned about the performance of 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox. But it is clear from the actual experience of them, about the speed at around 1900rpm VV5 will complete the shift operation, and with the 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox with the 1.5T engine is also more understanding of the whole process Shengdang did not feel the slightest procrastination, even in the case of overtaking and lines, transmission can downshift to make a positive action, we can say this is one of the few own-brand models currently in relatively good adjustment 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

In addition outside, often talked about WEY models, will also inseparable from the chassis tuning, power control and other similar keywords. At a younger faction of SUV, VV5 not only can well assume a compact SUV should have the task, but also to give the driver plenty of driving pleasure. Although today most of the SUV are not turned to the pursuit of accuracy, but apparently not the case for VV5 terms, the steering wheel in the light, standard, basic movement patterns not many empty spaces, and chassis tuning is to bring a full tight cause flu.

Throughout Mogan winding road journey’s, VV5 tough solid chassis tuning has given the author rapid cornering confidence, even when the steering can feel the rear of the follow not the slightest slack, roll control is quite good. We can imagine, paragraph VV5 2020 chassis tuning and perhaps adding more German luxury brand’s genes, and not because of the influence SUV’s high center of gravity and become heavy, the overall driving experience can indeed meet everyone for the “property” pursue.

2019, particularly in terms of WEY for the year. This one from China’s youngest luxury automotive brand, is about to celebrate its third anniversary birthday. In the last less than three years time, WEY has launched VV5, VV6, VV7, VV7GT, VV7 PHEV and other five models covering two major areas of traditional fuel vehicles and new energy vehicles. From domestic sales performance point of view, WEY brand has been leading high-end models in the Chinese market. Today, the 2020 models VV5 escalated once again listed in the appearance of the interior, intelligence and security configuration are further realized the luxury SUV characteristics Yan Chi merger, but also as representatives of Chinese-style luxury SUV, VV5 whether it is or is configured price on, they have become the same level models in the presence of relatively generous.

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