AMG GT Black Series spy mounted power 4.0T

A few days ago, we received a Mercedes -AMG GT Black Series road test spy photos. Will release a new car as the ultimate performance of this generation AMG GT coupe version appeared, it continues to carry 4.0T V8 twin-turbo engine, the maximum power or more than 708 horsepower.

Overall, the new car in the overall design concept is consistent with the models in the sale, but the body adding a more exaggerated aerodynamic school kits, fixed rear wing spoiler increases segmented, is huge. Road test of the front and rear wheels are not consistent modeling, the production version is expected to adopt the new design.

In addition, we can see from New tail shape of the wide-body, the volume of the lower portion of the diffuser is increased further, a total of four exhaust bilateral quite vested. At present the new car interiors have not been exposed, as the power, the new car will continue to carry 4.0T V8 twin-turbo engine, the maximum power will exceed 708 hp.

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