And the overseas version is like a new BMW 7 series domestic test spy photos

Recently, the driving line was acquired from the domestic media to a group of new BMW 7 Series domestic test spy photos. Although the new 7-Series overseas spy photos have been exposed, but the domestic test cars are still captured first.

Aspect, compared overseas test cars, the overall state of the domestic test car and overseas test cars are close, including before The details of the front headlights are similar. It is also almost certainly determined that the new BMW 7 Series will adopt a split headlight design, the only uncertainty is the grille size of the new car.

The side of the body, the new car maintains a more four-flat body shape, and there is a penetrated waistline, and the overall view is very good. In terms of tail, new taillights are still test states, and the exhaust gas below is also blocked by camouflage stickers. It is worth mentioning that the new BMW 7 Series will also use hidden door handles.

In terms of interior, it is understood that the new BMW 7 Series will use a full-liquid crystal meter + suspended central control screen, and is equipped with a new Idrive 8-speed computer system.

In terms of power, the new BMW 7 Series will launch gasoline, diesel, plugging mix, and pure electric version. Among them, the gasoline version model is expected to continue to provide a total of 4 power options for 2.0T, 3.0T, 4.4T, and 6.6T. The pure version of the model will also provide a dual motor or three motor power system according to the model configuration. (Ziyuan: Car home)

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