Annual sales of over 460,000, the best-selling Japanese sedan Sylphy how to become an annual awards up to people?

2020 the pace has come for the people in terms of the most anticipated is the Chinese New Year holiday. The year is approaching, most looking forward to reunite with family members, but also placed us hope for the new year, which is exactly the same with our pursuit of a better life. Car, highlight the identity from a rare thing, and now has become the standard of life of the people, also indicates the beginning of a better life.

In the past 10 years, China’s auto industry scale bits column first in the world. However, when consumers meet marginal psychology from scratch, in the past two years, China’s automobile market has entered a period of transition, the status for all to see. Therefore, many outside the industry expect the new year, the automobile market can be improved.

But what kind of car is considered a better life companion ? Everything should be said that the strength of the product, while meeting the needs of consumers thought models. New and replacement moment, fierce market competition, Sylphy total sales in 2019 to 465,715 units in December sales break 61,000, definitely have the strength to become witness to many consumers a better life.

domestic car consumption reasons, mostly for family use and production. Under the subtle traditional Confucianism, family, he became concerned about the hearts of the people. In other words, the core and essence of automobile consumption is the home culture. The guardian of your comfort zone to become the responsibility of everyone’s shoulders, and therefore the safety of the car is the key concern of consumers, not one.

The new 14th generation Sylphy, Nissan globalization CMF platform, by increasing the proportion of ultra-high strength steel to 27 percentage of the percentage of the body 34 to enhance torsional rigidity, the whole block together with the U-shaped front subframe increases the solid sense of the overall rigidity and stabilitySex has improved significantly. Therefore, from the structure to establish the basis for security, and to 91 percent performance composite score by demanding the latest version of the safety tests.

Not only the foot work in passive safety, the intelligent driver assistance and active safety aspects of the 14th generation Sylphy is also given the utmost sincerity. In addition to the traditional side warning CTA reversing car, IEB intelligent pre-crash brake, BSW lane change blind spot warning, LDW lane departure warning system, IDA fatigue intelligent early warning, collision warning also IFCW over the horizon, EAPM mistakenly stepped on the accelerator to correct two siblings unique safe driving “black Technology” to the new Sylphy “security package” among the humans trying to operational risk dangerous driving to a minimum. It is the infrastructure and superstructure work together to build, the achievements of the 14-generation family sedan Sylphy five-star safety of the king.

home, and life is the place to harbor in our hearts. To return to their familiar place, the mood is always relaxed and enjoyable. Driving is the same, long walk in the city, along with the cabin for so long, if not in the mood to spend some car interior to now the eyes of consumers may find it difficult to accept.

It is true that in spite of a lot of the same level main configuration models, but the province can save the car interior part, ignoring the consumer interior, design requirements, and then selling missed. The new 14th generation Sylphy in place are visible to the consumer flexible packaging material covering the transfer of good quality workmanship bring beauty, but also belong to differentiate the new Sylphy retained.

The interior requirements, new xuanyi is extreme ; adjustment of the power system, is also a better process. The congregationKnown, Nissan is the small number of high-precision grinding technology in the engine car prices. Mirror cylinder bore spraying technology, the resistance when the engine piston is reduced to a lower level of activity.

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HR16 engine is a classic Nissan, then introducing intake timing, aluminum structure beginning from the first generation, second generation and then added a dual injection type intake and exhaust timing techniques, now to third-generation engine with EGR exhaust gas recirculation, a multi-stage valve TCV and electric VTC technology, 14 generations Sylphy power upgrade, more efficient operating mode 100 km fuel consumption of only 4.9L, which also shows Sylphy has a comparable small energy saving performance of the engine displacement.

465 000, is the target number of new cars want to achieve. The Sylphy, in just 12 months, will be able to complete these achievements, he deserved to become the “best-selling sedan Year”; and the 14th generation Sylphy, while more than 26 national media authority, agency received numerous awards.

prizes and awards, is the best for 14 generations sylphy support. Gain market recognition and consumer trust, is the 14 generation “award” Sylphy obtained. 14 generations of change, 60 years time, Sylphy’s success is built on the “listen” to the market, “read” on the basis of the consumer. Sylphy pursued for the purpose is not to sell, but to be a witness to the consumers a better life, colleagues and owners across.

success, not from scratch overwhelming, but step by step the challenge to innovate and their become better. 14 generations Sylphy success proves once again that the market is listening to get better and better the best way, at the same time also need strong Always the Winner for the actual consumersThe benefits. Down to earth to create change in the current market transition for consumers to be more convincing. This should be the fundamental and emboldened the 14th generation Sylphy has been able to in the tidal wave in the automotive industry is steadily forward.

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