Another assembly problem! Tesla US recalls, the Chinese market has not moved yet?

What is the most vomiting place? Tesla is the most vomiting? Correct! I think everyone guesses, is the problem of production processes. This problem has been difficult to Testla for a long time, almost did not stop from the Tesla brand until now. The Tesla brand established early, consumers perhaps because this is a new brand, Tesla’s advantage is that the system and smart driving, the shortcomings of Tesla exposed, there is no particular concern, but now, as Bitcla Nay The birth of the essential car, Xiaopeng car, has exceeded Tesla in the process, which makes Tesla color?

TESL US recall

Recently, Tesla said to the US Expressway Safety Administration (NHTSA) recalled some Tesla car. These include 9136 2016 Model X; another recall involving 401 2020 Model Y, involving approximately 9,500 Model X and Model Y. The reasons for the recall of the two cars are different.

Model X

2016 Model X recruiting reason lies in the top cover and spine roof Decorative strips, there is a possibility that one or two trim strips may occur during the driving process without using the primer.

Model Y

Revision of 2020 Model Y It is a bolt on which the control arm and the steering section may not be tightened. NHTSA pointed out that due to the fastening, the upper control arm may be separated from the steering section.

Tesla double standard, anger China consumers

In fact, many of the exposure of Tesra, Chinese consumers are also accepted with a tolerant mentality. Otherwise Tesla can also have a big sales in China. But recently Tesla against the Chinese marketThe quasi, it is indeed anger a lot of Chinese consumers.

First, for the recall of Model X, it is only for the US market, not involving other countries, said above, 2016 Model X has a recall in the United States, which is a large-scale recall. , But Tesla is only for the US recall. In fact, 2016 Model X is also exported to many countries. Also included in China, but China, Tesla has not announced recall.

Second, in October This year, after the introduction of the State Market Supervision Administration, Tesla announced nearly 30,000 cars in China, including imported MODEL S, Model X, and replaced new hanging. Racking rod components. But for this massive recall, Tesla once officially claimed that the cause of the car was not used, but the Chinese owners used improper use, and did not have security issues and said that they did not intend to recall outside China.

Turki is undoubtedly angered a lot of consumers.

Review Tesla recall history, almost all because of quality?

Review Tesla’s recall history is basically related to the production process.

On April 20, 2017, due to electric car handbrake problems, Tesla announced that more than 50,000 electric vehicles were mainly Model X and Model S.

In October 2017, the recalled approximately 11,000 Model X electric SUV produced between 2016 and 2017 was that the seat was not safe enough when collision occurred.

In April 2020, the Model S of 2013 ~ 2016 was recalled because the aluminum bolts on the steering housing may be corroded, causing the bolt efficiency to weaken or fractured.

Tesla in the early days, if consumers have some tolerant words to this brand, then now with the expansion of Tesla influence, sell more countries, consumers to this brand It can be said that it has already been tolerated.

Car product quality, any car factoryThe businesses did not dare to neglect, but Tesla has repeatedly issued problems. This is also ringing the alarm, if you have been, if you have been, you will have a big heel here early, and you will never be a luxury car brand.

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