Appearance of the interior official figure exposure do not Ke Angke flag will be starting October 24

Recently, a group of network access to a car flag Angke appearance of the interior official figure from the Shanghai GM Buick official, as its new brand in the large 7 SUV, positioning Angke flag higher than Ang Kewei, the new car will October 24 episode, after coming to market competitors locked in Highlander and way expensive.

appearance Angke flag continuation of the latest family of Buick design language, the front styling with a new family of flying wing grille, modern horizontal grille design significantly improve The front face visual width. Body size, length and breadth were 4981/1953/1732 flag Angke mm, 2863 mm wheelbase.

flag Ocamar surrounded interior with integrated cockpit design, and provides color stitching with official figure with a black brown rice with home-style full. In the control part of the design is simple and the technology to create a sense of good, and the new car uses a push-button shifting structure, saving some space inside the car.

According to official reports, the interior Angke flag all models are used to meet EU standards of environmental protection materials recovery, combined with the whole system comes standard with three-zone automatic air conditioning with separate double-effect nano-scale anti PM2.5 air filter, can create green and healthy driving experience the car.

Shanghai GM Buick now has Angke Wei, Ang Kela GX, Ang Kela and other SUV models, with the arrival of Angke flag, it will become more complete product matrix, after the new car market will also help push sales up family.

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