Are made in China, the world’s leading independent class hegemony Tesla and BYD, who would you support?

January 7, 2020, as the world’s first electric car sales a brother of Tesla, the Model Y was held launching ceremony in Shanghai factory, and began formal delivery of domestic Model 3 officially began the first community to owners delivery. Feel the breath of “crying wolf”, and just lost a brother global power status of a self-Gebiyadi, do not want to remain silent, one after another in recent days released its latest car – “Chinese,” the official map and diagram declaration, oath to compete with Tesla.

side is close to the people of the world a Gothic Tesla product – Model 3 (after subsidy price: 299 050 onwards), the other side is a Gebiyadi independent high-end products – Han (estimated price: 25 million cases), both regardless of the brand or the product, have much in common, which is bound missed some fierce fighting in the future. So today, let Jiang brother to bring forward a battlefield, look at the position of the consumer, which in the end support the opportunity to harvest a car more Chinese consumers.

Appearance: new face vs old acquaintance

First, look at the color value of the contest, Han uses BYD double design, interposed directly mixed version dragon dragon face face design family, front grille internal polygonal cross banner using chrome, finger-type angular lights, the visual effect is still sharp. Hood above lines have also been changed, significantly more robust, more tough.

pure electric version is the use of a closed front grille design, a lot of details related to the previous concept car much closer to the front upper position with a relatively thick chrome surface also incorporates a “Chinese” character, looking at the full force grid. LED lights on both sides is very deep, homeopathic lines on the hood raised, full sense of power. Front concave bottom design is quite exaggerated movements, looks quite the taste of sports car performance (if inserted hybrid version also an option before this face, I believe there will be many people willing to pay).

The Model 3 appearance of it, I believe that the faithful car is very familiar. Low body shape, fully enclosed front face, plus the taillights on the cool fastback styling and Model S, all these make Model 3 appear “non-mainstream”, or you can say it out of their own style, walk in the forefront of fashion. Both cars are design to tide running direction to go, as the election Which, to see the differences in personal taste.

Interior: Minimalist vs simple

Comparative finished look, we came to the interior areas, in interior design Model 3 is still the go minimalist design. Dashboard to be canceled, the car all the information and control functions are integrated on the big screen 15 inches in control, even the air conditioning vents are hidden, so that extreme simplicity.

and although the Chinese interior is simple, but there is something still there. BYD car interior as a whole follows the latest design style, floating suspected in the control panel with a full-size LCD screen, make the car look more technological sense. Meanwhile, the new style of Dangba shape, but also let the car looks more a sense of quality.

On the whole, compared with the Model 3 minimalist style, Chinese style interior design perhaps more easily nowadays most of the young consumers accepted. But also precisely because of their different styles, so consumers when making choices can make better decisions.

Size: large enough enough vs

in terms of size, we can see from the table, both in the long width and height, or in the wheelbase, BYD Chinese are completely avoided the Tesla Model 3’s. Fortunately, the price of the models, the basic space not nervous, or Model 3 is really not enough to read.

Model 3 rear space

Power: Speed ​​vs Roadster supercar speed

Of course, both of which are new leader in the field of energy, natural speed performance can not be taken lightly. In power, Tesla Model 3 is equipped with a maximum power of 238 HP, maximum torque 375Nmiddot; m of the motor, the motor of the car so that only Pobai time 5.6 seconds. Such a speed capability, has sold comparable Siwushiwan Audi TT, Porsche 718 and his ilk, to buy 300,000 500,000 sports car speed, attractiveness is quite large.

Han BYD it, is to provide two kinds of interpolation mixing pure electric powertrain, wherein the plug hybrid version (Han DM ) equipped with a model of BYD487ZQB 2.0T turbocharged engine, the maximum power of 192 horsepower. Meanwhile, in this hybrid system, there is a maximum of 245 horsepower permanent magnet synchronous motor driving.

From the data alone, this powertrain substantially minimum with DM and Tang (Pobai time: 5.3s) are similar, so Talia acceleration time should be about, but considering the Chinese DM using car styling, so its acceleration time should be shorter.

As purely electrical version of the EV Han, provides two single motor drive and four-wheel two-motor type, wherein the single motor vehicle maximum power of 222 hp (163 kW); dual front four-wheel type motor / after the motor maximum power of 222 horsepower and 272 horsepower. The legendary 2.9s Pobai three-engine four-wheel drive version, currently there are no information, but only from the existing power data, we can see that the Chinese BYD already has a performance speed of ultra-running.

life: fame vs huge potential

In terms of battery life, can be said to Tesla’s advantage, though domestic price Model 3 29.905 million for calibration life is only 445km, andImmediately sell hundreds of thousands of independent pure electric cars quite, but consumers are more willing to believe in the Tesla logo blessing, its performance, and it will be the big brother Model S, Model X, Model Y fairly.

BYD they, naturally do not want to fall under the wind in this area, so BYD exclusive research and development out of the “Blade battery” will be 3 months to form the first packaged into CTP production, and sale in June of new models BYD “Chinese” applications. The blade is said CTP volume energy density of the battery can improve about 50 percentage, if verified production, have this effect, I believe that Chinese sales should not be too bad.

in many ways comparison, the overall strength of the Chinese BYD is undoubtedly comparable to the Tesla Model 3. However, Tesla strong brand strength and product strength, indeed so many consumers want early adopters of new energy sources, bowed to its scientific and technological strength. Winner, there really hesitant, one side is a world-class new energy hegemony, the other side is the absolute leader in the new energy, the face of two technical players, who would you support it?

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