Aston Martin DBX unfeigned Spy Shots! China will debut at November 20!

Aston middot; Martin first SUV model –DBX, from the date of the test vehicle’s exposure to much of our attention. According to the latest news we get, the new car will be held November 20 in China the world’s first show, but in recent days but there is no foreign media captured the pseudo spy photos of the real car, with a look.

The DBX is photographed with a relatively significant body of young red, purplish in some sunlight. According to reports, the new vehicle was suspected of shooting is ongoing promo. Bare fangs mouth, great design sense of the attack, has always been Aston middot; Martin, one of the signs. Combined with the slender eyes and rounded nose, the first impression is this combination gives us a sense of fierce.

The side surface shape is fastback coupe SUV design, the front fender has a “7” shaped chrome. Just on the window along with chrome trim, tilt the back door ducklings tail and tail to make the car look side has a good sense of movement.

The exposure of the spy is no false tail design DBX first saw actual vehicle, the through-type folding lines taillights and Vantage somewhat similar to the bilateral co-twin exhaust rear surround a central, the overall look is very high degree of recognition.

Power, Aston middot; Martin DBX will carry 4.0T V8 twin-turbo engine, the maximum power of 550 horsepower, the maximum torque of 700 cow middot; m, is expected to launch in the future will be better positioned V12 version of the model.

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