attention! Did your car “hide” during the Spring Festival?

The arrival of the Year of the Ox, let everyone immersed in the new year’s festive atmosphere. Despite the cause of the epidemic, many people have a local New Year, but they don’t go home, but it is difficult for the custom of firecrackers to make people feel tempting. Some big cities have set the designated location of firecrackers, and many small cities are still full of sounds of firecrackers.

Many owners of the owners have more worrying in the years of firecrackers. Firecrackers may not only damage the car paint on the car, but also possible to ignite the vehicle. Therefore, many car owners don’t want to let the car hide firecrackers during the New Year.

How should I be ldquo; hide rodil rdquo;

First, we can choose the vehicle as much as possible to choose the area of ​​the firecracker or . If there is no such condition, you should try to avoid the root and the wide roadside, which is the most likely to discharge the firecracker. At the same time, let us stop the car in the grass, more garbage, so as not to fire the firecrackers to burn the vehicle.

Second, we can try to choose the empty space between the two cars, so that the body should try to avoid the attack of firecrackers on the left and right side, and the head and car are in insurance. Bar, even better maintenance in the hit by the firecrackers.

If the obstruction cannot be found on the air, it is recommended to give your car sleeve during the New Year to greatly reduce the damage brought by the firecrackers to the paint. If you buy a car, you must ask for it. If you can’t fire, it is fired.

Again, if there is neither a luggage of the flame retardant material, there is no suitable parking place such as underground parking lot. The owners can consider doing once for the car during the Chinese New Year, which can increase the protective film for the car paint to reduce the damage of the firecrackers.

If you have not escaped firecrackers, what should I deal with?

Since the owners are defending firecrackers, they must also have a situation in which they are defeated. If the firecracker frys, we have to see if it is serious, and what is it?status.

Under normal circumstances, the fire can not be damaged by the firefighten fire gun, without snowing or raining. This case is basically wiped with a rag or a car washing.

If the vehicle is parked near the firecracker, the general body will be. Such imprint is the damage caused by firecrackers in the car, and the normal car wash cannot be cleared. After the owner can scrub the surface with water,

attempt to wipe with soap water or toothpaste

, if there is no effect, you need to go to the car wash beauty shop,

, polishing and waxing, and can be resolved.

However, some firecrackers have a large power, and may explode in the car after exploding, even It will blow it. If you encounter such a phenomenon, will need
to the professional maintenance store for paint-faced lands and repair processing.
Such a case where the car wash and polishing can not solve the problem. If there is no way to repair the maintenance factory for maintenance, it also reveals the primer. It is recommended that the owner

first uses a paint pen or toothpaste to simply apply it, avoiding the body bare in the air to rust in the air, and produce greater economic losses.

On the occasion of the New Year, the firecrackers were in order to continue the custom and adding a joy, but it did have some threats to the car. I hope that you can reasonably park the vehicle reasonably, and you can protect your vehicle through small advice. At the same time, Xiaobian also recommended a small partner of fireworks, try to stay away from vehicles, and care more about the car of others. I hope that everyone can enjoy a happy firecracker, and feel more civilization and feel the new year of this cattle.

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