Audi A6 L owners faithless, what new energy-Ford Explorers?

Huaer old said: “interested in flowers and flowers do not open, unintentional positive outcomes.” A casual pick-up, but accidentally achievement for some people and vehicles Romance, how, it is also necessary, said said.

as automotive media people, contact with a wide variety of models are commonplace, and this time, boss assigned me a second top with the new Ford Expedition by four-wheel drive sport ST-LINE, this big man, than my car GK5 really big too much, so just get the car also cautious, yet who knows steering wheel cover warming children, the boss also sent down a pick-up tasks, but did not expect is that this pick but the achievements of a car karma.

Today’s hero small Los, is my pick of the object, born in scholarly the first door of the home, since childhood like dance get ink pen, and now runs a gallery studio, generous family conditions, people have a low-key elegance, easygoing, and I also played a few dealings, be acquaintances.

is a small Los “Audi control”, the Audi TT S period like a young passionate vigor, now cause a modicum of success, married, car replaced the Audi A6L, during the transition, we can also see the growth of a person’s mentality.

a business trip return pick, vehicles sparks

Closer to home, a small Los had to go away on business, leadership arranged for me to come back to pick up the machine, which is no problem a little trivial nature, but also just I took the opportunity to make this new explorers slip slip tap tap, I feel further driving control performance.

car driving on the Capital Airport Expressway, this is a tediously familiar way, because of their work, I have a week to and from this road no less than three times, but this time I was a little suited, based on reasonOn my GK5 to high-speed driving, such as speed up the time, there is always a clear tire noise, wind noise, engine noise, “ears”, but this is like a new explorers to these sounds at once isolated on the car, the car is not only coming from the engine rich but dull murmur poured a trace of the eardrum, people leisurely feel from the outside world seems far, far away.

In fact, the arrangements for evaluating new explorers, but also because a few years ago by chance, and the previous generation of explorers to live together for some time, the model is the late models equipped with 3.5T V6 engine models, powerful, but relatively soft suspension tuning, like most of the overall open up a battleship, the appearance of momentum, momentum emboldened, but fuel consumption is somewhat touching.

and now it’s in my hands brand new sixth generation of explorers, power facelift 2.3T + 10AT powertrain with the Ford Mustang exactly the same, 276 horsepower, 425 cattle middot; meter performance make this more than five meters big man has a good sense of pushing back.

which, 10AT gearbox indeed pick not go wrong, it is smooth most of the time will have to let you ignore its existence, is dedicated representative. The chassis tuning with the previous generation models of different, kind of soft and comfortable damper before and some Huhu leisurely driving feel completely shielded, replaced by a clear and solid atmosphere, the intensity of the suspension is enough for the body good inhibition of the roll, even quicker by a curve, not too exaggerated body roll, body and also substantially in excess of the operation does not occur when a large vibration passes.

and the previous generation of explorers to my “gas guzzlers” Impression is also a new adventure full twist on those hundred kilometers 11.2 liters of oilThe consumption is reasonable for such a guy. To know, the “weight” of this new explorer is equivalent to two GK5, and this new car ran less than 500 kilometers. Although the contact time is not long, the new explorer gives me the impression of “one step”, especially the user of 35-400,000.

“Insert” ends, waiting for me to go to the airport parking lot, along After the mobile phone, Xiao Luo gave it to Xiaoluo, I even gave him a mobile phone, let him try the FordPass Ford’s remote interconnection function to start the car. When he put the 30-inch oversized suitcase in the trunk, he also stunned a small party. After getting on the bus, I asked if he fell anything, Xiao Luo said that he was in several seats, confirmed it twice. After the seat, only the 30-inch trunk is put, because he has seen the big seven SUV, rarely put him with his suitcase in the case of “full opening”. For example, the Cadillac XT6, which is the local pick-up, is to put the last row of seats before loading this big suitcase.


Next, Xiaoluo introduced this car on this car. After asked, ask this question, I just started to confuse the “mixed” cultprous Xiaoluo It is to go to the line, how suddenly, I am interested in the car, after all, his work is not bound to the car. Later, finally, I finally made the dragon to go, the original Xiaoluo was lucky. The wife actually shaken the Beijing indicator. The Humuo had the idea of ​​adding SUV. This time, he is going to be true, but he and his wife but At the time of the purchase of the SUV model, I have studied the previous Audi Q5 L (really Audi). Later, I feel that the space is not big enough, and I have met the Cadillac XT6 when this time is going on. The car driver talks hot, even during the business trip, also contacts the wife to go to the 4S shop to see the car, and it is anxious to know..

400 000 budget, there are 700 000 enjoy the new explorers definitely more delicious

the original, small Luo had traveled extensively in Europe and the United States during the study, but the bitter aftermath of the epidemic in the world this year under the background, a small Los suddenly got the idea to “return home”, but gradually the birth of the feat dream you want a family car to travel around China. But the thought of the walk, you have to have cars reliable partner, want adventure must have a good physique, should be large enough, strong enough, to be “the zodiac, under the ocean to catch the turtle” but also on ” the living room, under the kitchen “……

little Luo asked me, at his 400,000 budget, according to his needs, the best election Which car? I pointed to the new explorers of the steering wheel, is not that “admitting their guilt” it? In front of this new explorer, targeting medium to large SUV, size is large enough, larger than the Audi Q5L on one level, while at the same level than the Cadillac XT6 also big on the lap, looks more heavy feeling safer. More importantly, 400,000 budget can only select Cadillac and Audi Q5L XT6 low with even the entry model, but in the new explorers here but you can choose with the top models.

and sixth domestic explorers, is unique in the current domestic 400,000 yuan after flooding the vertical position using a large flagship SUV, which is equipped with a ten Ward regulars precedent 2.3T turbocharged engine and automatic transmission speed of 10, 276 hp output power efficiency can be achieved so that the new peer explorers Pobai fastest 7.6 seconds, and with the price of the Audi Q5L, Cadillac XT6 be more than 8.6 seconds. It can be said, the new Explorer is a real four-wheel drive and all-round powerful performance in one of the models. Also, it does not look such a big man, but you can achieve the same level of the most accurate turning radius of 5.9 m, how high the level? Audi Q5L a small level but also turning radius 6.6 m,The length of explorers more than five meters, a width of more than 2 meters big man is concerned, this result is top-notch.

Look, I’m gushing introduction, while small Los contain himself joy, but at the same time, his eyes still a trace of hesitation, I know that this is “Audi” to stay shadows, but when the L2 level Ford Co-Pilot360 ™ Chi driving me these brand new explorers have assisted, SYNC + 2.0 Chi-line entertainment system, perforated leather seats Salerno, Department standard sky panoramic sunroof, Denmark BAMP; when O sound, Securi Code door opening system passwords and other luxury an engagement disk holder, small Los bluntly: this line-up and the like, sufficient to 700,000 level luxury SUV market level, not to mention other, his bike top with Audi A6L (price: 653,800 yuan), even if the installation of a number of functions in the purchase, but also a lot smaller than this Desk-top four-wheel drive with a new explorers sport ST-LINE.

[123 ] in after talking to these, a small Los suddenly silent, and the phone looks focused, I thought it was the work side of things need to be addressed, will not bother, but after a while child, a small Los excitedly told me, that brand new explorers really as bad as I have said, had he brush car home App, not only to see a new explorers listing that is selling, breaking million cumulative sales in March (end of September), has become the main market of Changan Ford facts, but also saw many users almost identical to the good reputation of the facts. Little Luo said that in order to buy a car, they would download a car home App, go up all right to peruse the offerings, two months, gradually got to know some of the models.

five meters long SUV both want control of the fun, the new Ford ExpeditionThe only one who

“Paper come Zhongjue know this practice is essential”, although little has basically locked Los new explorers, but it seems there are psychological hurdle to cross, I also know that small Los want to know this car up in the end how, so I volunteered, told a small Luo, this brand-new explorer is my current evaluation of the car, and I want collect some real driving experience, you can easily open, do not hesitate. Small Los extremely excited, said he needed to take a few pieces of camping equipment company, so I can eat tea at the side, sipping water, he should get on the train “real”, but also about the way the test of the new explorers’ expedition “ability.

to a small Los company, to get ” after the equipment “, I told the small Los exchanged roles, let him as a driver. Small Los do not worry, the new explorers around for several laps, while his mouth could not nagging, this car can be really big! Then touch the front cover, headlight and look, look wheel hub, and Chou Chou car “bottom”, and finally also the engine cover up branch “pretend” looked half. I asked the small Los, do not you understand? Little Luo said, do not understand! Just to see! I’m back, you do not know, take a look at a half-day engine dim? We might as well study something practical!

[123 ] words small children just reminded Luo, he suddenly thought of his luggage during playback, see on the right side of the trunk button, I asked if I was doing use. I said that you asked for, it was a third row of seats electrically adjustable buttons, a button can be electric or down support from the third row. Little Luo said he was on that Cadillac XT6 have seen similar button, but it was not the nerve to ask. I spoke to really spend, after the third small Los emissions down, the trunk again order a bit, a 30-inch large suitcases, two camp duffel bags, a bag or “empty.” I say this car, but there are 2480 liters loading space, whatever you how frustrating, basically nothing issue. After

on the bus, a small Los another look on the control of “large flat” himself that “tinker” for a long time, looked at me puzzled that this system is so familiar, almost like the Android system logic. I said it was natural, SYNC + 2.0 Chi-line entertainment system applications above this is Ford and Baidu jointly developed for the domestic consumer preferences tailor, car networking quite powerful, including iQIYI, movie tickets, gas stations Search and Jacuzzis, voice interaction function is also very powerful, sec understand the semantics, support Chinese and English mixed semantic recognition, smooth operation, full-featured.

After this, again some after the terms of seats, shift knobs, buttons, and other thin storage experience, and finally a small Los pull the seat belt, in my view, you can go from time, and from Los small car to go down, pull open the back door and sat down in the second row, playing through a variety of sitting, even the shades did not let go, and finally to the sentence: this is my space than the Audi A6 L to most of, but the second row floor is flat . It also is not yet dead lift me and made me sit on the second row, to squeeze himself sitting in the third row, a head one meter 8, although not looked so calm, but finally sat down, head, feet including leg Actually, it’s so sad to imagine, after two rows also have separate air conditioning vent, even when fully loaded seven people, can make everyone comfortable.

[123 ] Finally finally set off, first to drive the small Los, go halfway, and put on me. The front is a small Los want to experience how the new explorers of the power drive control, is behind the outdoor non-paved roadFace, small Los want to experience this car to sit up how to comfort. Down overall, small Luo said, this really is a new explorers that he does not lose the Audi A6 L, including 2.3T EcoBoost engine power, smoothness, responsiveness, and 10AT gearbox that silky the smoothness; moreover, because the native platform design and a unique mechanical layout of the posterior longitudinal drive may also drive home after a vertical position, which drove up is not stupid, just get on to adapt a little bit, then go up, it is difficult to make people aware of their own was driving a car with more than five meters of a large SUV, change flexible enough to force the suspension, even if he ever used to open the car, to get started is almost a little while to do.

As to 5.9 m turning radius and 7.6 sec Pobai performance, small Los although not personally experience, but by driving feel and experience the power of this section of the road, a small Los convinced that the new explorers said is true, and proven four-wheel drive system, but also to small Los increased face a variety of difficult road conditions do not flinch confidence. In addition, 0-180km / h full speed section of the whole system comes standard with adaptive cruise L2 level and enables Ford Co-Pilot360 ™ Chi driver assistance, and indeed people feel full of confidence, similar functionality is already in his small Los experience over the Audi A6L.

enjoyed the sense of space, a small Los probably not go back

after sit back, on the way to travel, small Luo Jingjing feelings about that back row VIP treatment, little Luo said that to buy a SUV, he also personally experienced the test drive and Audi Q5L, this time on a business trip and feeling a bit Cadillac XT6, but no matter which car, related to this new explorers immeasurably, and then plus 2480 liters of loading space, as well as the comfort of the third row of seats, electrically adjustable convenience, flexibility expand trunk space, etc., not to mention the Audi A6 L, AustriaDi Q5 L is more than, Cadillac XT6 has to be phased. Ford’s new explorer, basically can be said to be a choice of step, whether home or business use can be properly satisfied. And Xiaoluo has such a space performance, you can really rest assured that you have to go.

arrived outdoors, in turn Can be “created”, but no matter how tossing, the new explorer is still stable, even if it quickly passed some pit, the new explorer did not hesitate, there is no more than half of the feelings, except for strong four-drive Application of 1700MPa high rigid steel and advanced body process, achieving precision manipulation and motion; further enhanced handling, the chassis also uses a large number of aluminum parts to reduce weight, and have more stable double ball spring springs The shock of the shock absorbing pillar, whether it is a city, high speed or mountainous, a new explorer has a driving control of Wan Dao.

[123 ] Back: Which version is best? Sure enough, Xiaoluo really moved

After repeated recovery, Xiaoluo finally “resusted”, sitting in detail “Product” for a while, then ask me directly, this car is more suitable, I combined with the budget of Xiaoluo, I recommend the second-floating four-drive sports version ST-line, which is the test drive. . In addition to having a more sporty ST-Line kit and implements L2-level Ford Co-Pilot360TM, Slerno Leather Tolerance, Salerno Leather Tolerance, Open Sky Skylight, Danish Bamp O 音 响, 华 华 装 装 装 装 装 装 装 装 装 装 装 装 装 装 装 装 装 装 装 装 装 装 装 装 装 装 装 装!! This large high-performance flagship 7 SUV, exceptThe luxury is not absolutely Audi A6 L, but it is enough to open this door to China, let Xiaoluo’s dreams into the reality at the fastest speed.

Ok, pick it up tomorrow! Xiao Luo has been can’t wait for Ford’s new explorer.

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