Audi E-TRON is about to stop production? Because the successor is more expective

According to German media reports, Audi is expected to produce a new Q8 E-TRON pure SUV model in the Belgian Brussels plant, which is used to replace E-TRON’s current production line position, which is expected to be quantified in 2026. In addition, based on reports, the current Audi E-TRON may perform product updates (small reservoirs) in 2023, and discontinued in 2026.

According to Germany Automine Automobilwoche, Audi is planning to launch a new Q8 E-TRON pure tram system, and the product is located in medium to large SUV, due to the current Q8 The front of the car is shorter than Q7, and the foreign media said that the new Q8 E-TRON size is slightly larger than e-tron, but it will not gap too much.

The current Audi E-TRON car system is reported that the product update will be carried out in 2023, and it is speculated that small change, and after 3 years later, that is, Detead of production in 2026; in the same year, Audi’s brussels plant, originally used to produce E-TRON’s production line to produce Q8 E-TRON.

Audi’s brussels plant is one of the most advanced factories in Audi, and the world’s first automotive factory, with 95% in the plant. The proportion is from regenerative energy.

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