Automotive air conditioning smell, do not ignore this part of the

When we opened the car air conditioner when the occasional musty taste and smell of dust into the car, it is unpleasant. As a result, many owners give the car to replace the air filter, found excitement in their own ability before, there is no problem to be solved.

with a small brush carefully clean the outlet, replace the air filter, Why still smell?

When the air conditioner smell found, go to the store will often recommend the evaporation tank cleaning air conditioning, air conditioning duct, and changing the air filter, cleaning the air, and even but also allows you to clean under way Ling condenser.

such a complex operation sounds very troublesome for many car owners ldquo; will not rdquo ;, so I gave up cleaning air conditioning. When asked which are generally required when the evaporation tank cleaning a few hundred dollars, leaving many owners chose ldquo; improvise rdquo ;. So, I make do year was a year of mind, so that air conditioning smell more and more obvious, until intolerable.

air conditioning evaporator box is the most clean, but was ignored many owners local cleaning.

Why are most of the air conditioning evaporator tank cleaning?

open frequency in the summer when air conditioning is very high, the air conditioning is turned on, since the air conditioner evaporator tank operating temperature is very low, so the surface will form a condensate, and the condensate which enters the encounter dust, impurities, etc., may adhere to the surface of the evaporation tank is difficult to remove.

due to prolonged attachment will allow the evaporation tank temperature can easily produce the phenomenon of bacteria and mold, which led to several years without cleaning of air conditioning and children have serious musty smell children.

If such an air blown into the vehicle, the vehicle will certainly be harmful to members, It may even lead to more serious respiratory diseases. And there is no better and so dirty and the air conditioning filter cleaning, the outlet has become the largest number of clean-up place, which formed a completely wrong car habit.

air conditioning evaporator tank should be how to clean?

air conditioning evaporator tank cleaning in general no way the owners themselves, have the professional tools and materials for the job. Because automobile air conditioning evaporator tank often not obvious place, it is difficult to clean up.

In the past, using conventional cleaning methods are: air conditioner evaporator spray foam cleaning agent on the surface of the box, after waiting for the softening and emulsifying decomposition impurities.

However, this method is not very clean cleaned surface evaporation tank, be dry because evaporation tank surface by the force of air-conditioning fan, the effect is very limited, and cleaning and to what extent it is difficult to observe.

Now, ldquo; visualization of the endoscope cleaning high-pressure air gun rdquo; is more professional car air conditioner cleaning method of the evaporation tank. The tool can not only see the endoscope with the degree of soiling of the evaporation tank, and can be more accurately and efficiently complete the cleaning operation at the time of the evaporation tank cleaning. The high-pressure air gun can also rely on the fan to blow off the dirt turning effort to be more effective than in the past.

Although the air conditioning evaporator tank cleaned once is not cheap, but very effective solution to the problem of air conditioning odor. Owners may wish to try to bite, there will be good results.

but if you want to try eliminating the need for cleaning air conditioning costs evaporation tank and pipes, then it needs to have a better use of air conditioning habits.

when the air conditioning in the summer , as far as possible at the appropriate time using the cycle more, reduce the risk of external dust entering the evaporator tank. Every parking five to ten minutes, try to close the A / C button, allowing natural wind and moisture evaporation in the dry box and duct. Some try to make the air-conditioning system in the parking dried, reduced probability moldy.

using the car air-conditioning in the upcoming autumn season.

The correct approach is to start the engine warm-up, engine temperature, etc. pointer to an intermediate position, first opens the hot air conditioning, while the air circulation is provided to the outer loop, so that the cool air inside the vehicle is discharged outside the vehicle, wait 2-3 minutes, the air circulation within the set circulated.

Finally, timely replacement of the air filter and clean the engine compartment, so that less dirt and bacteria into the evaporation tank and the vehicle, so that the air inside the vehicle environment and has a good guarantee.

Now that you travel with the car, convenient and also do not forget to help make your car clean, some of the money spent is spent, not to save money while ignoring health. most in need of cleaning, and the most easily overlooked air conditioning evaporator box, you clean it?

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