Babs Ultimate E Frankfurt Motor Show debut limited edition of 28

In the current 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show, Babs Ultimate E (Babs edition smart EQ fortwo) officially unveiled the new car limited edition of 28, body with purple paint, sporty.

Based on the vehicle built by Babs from smart EQ fortwo models, is named Babs Ultimate E. New car equipped with a new kit, including a front lip, rear diffuser, fenders and 18-inch forged wheels and so on, also used a special paint coating; vehicle exterior looks like a small milk teeth bared a dog soft Meng and irritable.

Interior section, the maximum amount of the different production models fortwo smart EQ is large Alcantara and leather covering material, metallic pedals, gear badge with Babs also reveal the unique atmosphere.

power, the new car is equipped with a maximum power of 68kW electric motor and single-speed gearbox, and has four driving modes, the official referred to in the “Sport +” mode acceleration time of 0-100km / h is 10.9s, a top speed of 130km / h. Further, since the reprogramming Babs PowerXtra torque control system, the car torque of 180N · m. Life, full electric car mileage to 125km.

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