Beijing Hyundai dealer: main product sold large price advantage of new products with confidence

modern Beijing in the first half sales of 35.1 million units, an increase of 4 percentage laid a good foundation, but in just the past August and September, but went for a ride. ” roller coaster “, Beijing Hyundai’s August sales of 50,200, down 20.3 percentage last year, Beijing Hyundai sales in September to 60,000, while sales were rising, year on year decline has also been narrowing; and this year’s Beijing modern two the new ix25 heavy vehicle models and pure electric Ang Xinuo also coming soon, learned a new car has come to shop. There are less than three months, Beijing Hyundai could make a turnaround? With questions, I visited Beijing Hyundai Beijing dealers, hoping to find the answer.

recall rapid response, the terminal offers a reasonable Beijing Hyundai sales rebounded in September

reason Beijing Hyundai August sales decline is an aspect of the environment, by the Federation, he said: “This year in August sales were the lowest growth rate over the years, in large part because of overdraft to that effect in the second quarter to bring the country five cars to clear the reservoir, plus the weather and other causes consumer spending enthusiasm is not high “; on the other hand that Beijing Hyundai I recall, in August this year due to an increase in engine oil reasons, Beijing Hyundai to recall more than 400,000 Tucson models.

when I Inquirer Tucson models in dealer sales said: “The recall does have some impact on sales in August, but the recall is related to the third on behalf of the Tucson, but not in the sale of fourth-generation Tucson, you can rest assured purchase. “according to the announcement of the recalled vehicles production time display, involving models indeed is the third generation of Tucson, and complaints from the car endoplasmic reticulum of view, listing nearly year fourth-generation Tucson is also not the problem. Although not recall involves models in the sale section, but it does have some impact on the Beijing Hyundai sales. But Beijing Hyundai issued a recall timely manner, and to ensure that the engine failure caused the issue of a free lifetime warranty of quality, we can see that the quality of a positive attitude to face, so that consumers can maintain the trust of the brand.

at the time of the author and sales staff to communicate that, into September, the traditional car postseason, the store traffic has increased, but the store also has not small offers that car than 8 peopleIt may increase a lot. At present, sales of mainstay Beijing Hyundai ix35 SUV and the car is moving and collar models. Hyundai ix35 current store cash discount of 2 million, led moving cash discount of 3 million yuan, the official guide price of these two models is not high, coupled with its certain cash benefits, so that the price of these two joint-venture model Some models even come close to its own brand, but it still has a hard power and at the same level against the joint venture brand models, the price advantage is obvious. Previously only a few thousand dollars of preferential Festa began to put price, cash benefits reached 10,000 yuan. In the Federation of view, many positive factors in October of this year’s car, and in October with sales expectations. Not difficult to see, Beijing Hyundai dealer just want to rely on the external environment as well as its excellent price advantage wants to hand over a ideal answer in October.

and strong sales of two new products to look forward to

at the end of this month will soon present two new car market has come to shop, the dealer also confident these two new models. Sales staff, told reporters: “At present, modern new ix25 supports setting cars and can enjoy certain car policy, the shop currently has five orders of.” The reason due to the new energy vehicles in Beijing to buy policies, Ang Xinuo pure electricity is still no orders. “But dealers still confidently told reporters:” The car may not sell too much this year, but the end of February next year, after Beijing released a new batch of new energy indicators, there will be many consumers choose the product.

From the product point of view, two models do have a certain competitive. Modern new ix25 dealers are given the current sale price of 10 million -13 million, still has a good price advantage and at the same level compared with competing products; and Ang Xinuo pure electricity after the listing, its 500 kilometers of conditions mileage will also lead to other joint venture pure electric models. Thus, two new dealers to give such high expectations and with good reason.

buy a car king said

According to Beijing in the second half of the modern new car program, in the fourth quarter in addition to the new ix25 and Ang Xinuo pure electric, pure electric and there will Festa facelift accepted on the market, the new product can be described as menacing; in this visit in Beijing I can feel the end of the modern market full of confidence, presumably in a good product strength and channel strength, Beijing Hyundai should play a nice turn over battle.

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