Beijing Hyundai ix25 price concessions are cars in

Recently, the Beijing Modern ix25 entire department 4S store promotional highest combined offer 60,000 yuan, the shop is now ample car now, full color, national sales, no regional restrictions, the procedure is complete! [123 ]

tips: during the event have access to dial the car hotline (20000) decoration spree sponsored by a factory. We take into account the foreign customers to purchase a long way to Beijing, (car success) may be reimbursed for travel expenses [one-way train ticket to Beijing, high-speed rail tickets, airline tickets (limit two)] Taking into account foreign customers unfamiliar road to Beijing. To Beijing Car Free Shuttle, welcome to shop car.



preferential (million)

sold nationwide

[123 ]

1.6L manual fashion version

[ 123]

1.6L tiptronic smart version of

132 800


sold nationwide [ 123]

142 800

152 800

appearance, the car has a nice appearance, the entire front filled with the spirit of sense, especially the young and trendy headlight design, the whole body side lines, smooth, uniform proportion, stocky rear styling, the vehicle is full of tough atmosphere, interior style, then some relatively simple, and suitable for home use, but still in the configuration more abundant, the only people that are not satisfied with the size of the screen in the control really is a little small, but also in the materials used for the majority of hard plastic material, the new car smell great.

109 800 1-6 sold nationwide
1.4T twin-clutch-smart version of
1-6 for sale National double-clutch GLS 1.4T
1-6 sold nationwide

Inside, the car uses a more stylish design, large beige interior with black / red and decorated with chrome-plated elements, let the whole atmosphere at home there the enhanced. In the control section is equipped with a large screen, and use a wide paint panel modification, upgrade technology and fashion sense. In addition, the new car is also equipped with 3.0 Baidu intelligent network system.

Dynamic aspects, ix25 There are two kinds of power for consumers to choose, are 1.4T and 1.6L engine. Wherein the maximum power of 103kW 1.4T engine (140Ps) / 6000rpm, the maximum torque of 242Nm / 1500-3200rpm; 1.6L engine’s maximum power of 91.6kW (125Ps) / 6300rpm, the maximum torque 150.7Nm / 4850rpm, the match is 6-speed manual, 6-speed manual and seven-speed double clutch gearbox.

Our commitment:

1. During the event the highest combined offer 60,000 yuan.

2. I bring ID to the owner of the shop to fill vehicle information, telephone contact sales manager overseas customers in advance to complete the formalities.

Phone: 18310168789 Zhang (24 hours online)

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