Beiqi looked filled with new energy, BYD sit still, or the introduction of “price butcher”

BAIC New Energy launched a series of EU sales performance has been impressive, the streets are often able to see the line of cars figure in the network about cars, BYD sedan market have robbed a lot of business. However, the recent BYD e3 real car to the shop, not only the color value is high, strong battery life, and more importantly, the price is also likely to give people a surprise, so a new electric sedan can golf over Beiqi new energy, regain market share it?

First, in appearance, BYD e2 e3 same as using the latest “Crystal Energy” (Rejuvenating Crystal) design language, huge internal hexagon grille decorative lattice, with a sharp set of headlights, front face appeared to be quite domineering. Terms of styling, sharp style throughout the waistline, bulging muscle on the engine hatch lines sketched out the new car’s sporty demeanor, e3 certain extent, it can be seen as the sedan version of the e2.

Appearance difference between the two vehicles is mainly reflected in the tail, BYD e3 smoother slender shape, which body measurements were 4450/1760 / 1520mm, wheelbase 2610mm, length to be better than e2.

However, e3 also equipped throughout taillights, below is also printed with the line “BUILD YOUR DREAMS” in English slogan, visual the effect is very good.

The interior, BYD e3 also continued in the same style e2, the main “simple fashion.” Where the control layout is fairly simple, with a silver trim levels play a role in creating a sense of a center equipped with high-definition big screen auto-rotation, and the use of the shift knob design, the overall victory in the simple atmosphere.

Finally, in the power section, born in the same internet e BYD e3 will also provide two versions of low mileage, the NEDC condition Mileage respectively 305km and 405km. Wherein the maximum power of the motor vehicle equipped with a low release life of 70kW, a battery capacity of 35.2kWh; high life version of the model is mountedThe maximum motor power was 100kW, battery capacity 47.3kWh. Transmission, the new car will be equipped with a single-speed transmission gear ratio is fixed.

after the listing of BYD e3 number one competitor will be Beiqi EU series. Beiqi EU in the series, again the highest value of Yen EU5 best selling. Beiqi EU5 of the price range of 13.29-17.19 yuan, the entry model Mileage is also more than 400km, the overall strength is still relatively strong.

Not surprisingly, then, Xinjiang brother BYD e3 think the price will be a lot lower than Beiqi EU5, just appropriate, also the richness of BYD e3 configuration greatly reduced, and in front of its body size EU5 also at a disadvantage. As BYD’s siblings e2, e3 and e2 are many similar parameters, including energy consumption, wheelbase and front design and so on, it is easy to guess, staffing levels of the two vehicles should also be roughly the same as the more “luxury” of electric sunroof and other configurations may still be absent.

At present, the price of the BYD e2 general subsidies for the 8.98-11.98 million, pulled down in order to start the threshold, Jiang brother estimate BYD e3 low-life version of the price or will remain consistent with the e2 Starter Edition, that is 89,800 yuan from the sale, but its high-endurance version after all equipped with higher power motors (100kW), so prices are likely to correspondingly high on a few thousand dollars or speak at 120,000. As a result, the top version of BYD e3 could under the entry price of Beiqi EU5 price to attract more customers to consider economic factors.

Indeed, if we can develop a competitive price, and on the value of three-color technology, BYD e3 is likely in this segment pure electric car harvest market “good start.” After all, new domestic energy industry, BYD brand has a good reputation in the market have long been introduced Biyaditang, Song, Qin and other mature models, technology is strong. As the latest e series, obviously it carries seize BYD electric mini-car, electric compact car market ambitions.

BYD e-Series models features very clear, on the basis of the strength of the product guarantee, the price will be more affordable, and therefore whether it is personal travel home or commercial use (network about cars, taxis, etc.), both for the consumer e-Series and businesses to provide new options. With the arrival of BYD e3, e series lineup layout will improve the overall competitiveness will be further enhanced. As to whether the new car is not a “price butcher”, you may have to wait until the fourth quarter to see the outcome!

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