Bentley Feichi plugged over mixed version of the official map released the end of the year

Bentley Feichi plugged over mixed version of the official map, the new car will receive a global market customer reservation in the summer of 2021, and delivery will be delivered at the end of 2021.

The new car continues the design of the fuel version, and the other on the front wing plate There is a “Hybrid” exclusive word. The new car will standardize 21-inch shine wheels and 20-inch gray polished rim selection, as well as 22-inch rings in Mulliner Driving Specification as optional, and provide three forming surfaces.

The interior also continued the family-style design, and the new car added 10 color colors and two two-color interior solutions. The new car is equipped with the MYBENTLE WIT network service to find functions such as vehicles, remote locks, vehicle status and details.

Dynamic, new car mount 2.9T V6 engine and E Motor motor composition plug-in mixing system, wherein the maximum power of the engine is 416 horsepower, peak torque 550 cow. . The new car is more than 700 kilometers, and the acceleration time of 0-100 kilometers / hour is 4.3 seconds.

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