Benz V260L 2019 in top half complete conversion cut off,

2019, paragraph

Fujian Benz V260L modified in top half spacer body segment appearance heightening 200mm, using a pressure big top fiberglass, having a wear-resistant, cold, heat, light body weight and so on. LWH: 5370mm – 1928mm – 2080mm, wheelbase 3430mm, 2.0T displacement, 211 hp power 155k / w, torque of 350N / m, tire size: 245/50 / R18, rear-drive, 360 panoramic image. If customers are not satisfied with the power, the power can be OCT upgrade from the original 211HP upgraded to 260HP, the upgrade to 350NM 420NM, upgrade to a 155KW 192KW. The following picture is V260L modified high-top seven and a half off the Bentley red interior real pictures. Its price is around 70 million. For details, please call the below sales consultant hotline – Shen Weiwei

2019, paragraph

Fujian Benz V260L modified Mercedes-Benz Maybach console, steering wheel of leather adapted for forest wood material, in the control panel of walnuts converted into wood-wood material, and the main passenger seat side door panel using microfiber bag cover, converted from the refrigerator comes to be a constant temperature heating and cooling the refrigerator.


Interior can be customized personal choice of the following criteria can be customized as a private, scalable appearance Maybach, VS680, VS980 kit.

The modified high V260L top half of partitions using the second row of seats which function longitudinal Maybach electric adjustment, electric backrest adjustment, electric rotary adjustment with ventilation, heating and massage function, electric leg rest down regulation. Increase the fixed 14-inch Smart TV entertainment network can be connected to the top of wifi, along as he went to see. Between the second row and the third row of the installation of the removable tablet entertainment for the passenger aft cards, playing mahjong and other entertainment, with the top roof Maybach fiber-optic, and monolithic power sunroof.

with the tail and ease of Mercedes-Benz logo V260L flag.

For details, please call the hotline: 159-1079-9765 (Sales Consultant) Shen Weiwei (with micro-channel)

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