Bid farewell to rustic new JEEP Grand Cherokee exposure is expected to release during the year

Recently, some overseas media exposure of a group of the new Jeep Grand Cherokee is the latest renderings, the new renderings can be seen, compared to the previous exposure of the first edition adds some details of the design, looks closer to the production version.

Prior to FCA design director Ralph Gilles in social media, said the new generation Jeep Grand Cherokee will be released later this year, and officially listed in 2021, a new car or will use Alpha Romeo Stelvio same platform to build.

From the renderings of view, the new Jeep Grand Cherokee remains vested with hard core design, the front face of the iconic seven-hole grille, but the grill significantly reduced size, and integrated with both sides of the headlight using the LED light source group, consistency enhancing vehicle.

The body side lines look more slender design of the through waist, increased the length of the visual side of the body. More simple design of the tail, and no through current popular use taillight taillights but remains narrow, the LED light source into inside, more refined look. Under the shield tail of the Grand Wagoneer and adopted a very similar design, with a total of two bilateral exhaust even more movement.

Although the replacement model, but the new car does not seem drastic upgrade, in appearance more like a facelift.

less dramatic appearance changes, the new Grand Cherokee a more interior sense of luxury and technological sense, by previously within spy, decoration, car with full LCD instrument panel, center console is also mounted on large-size touch screen, Uconnect system is expected to continue to be used. In addition, the new car with a popular electronic lever knob.

power, the new generation Grand Cherokee is expected to be equipped with a Pentastar V6 engine and a new 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder engine, or will launch 2.0T engine, hybrid plans substituted powertrain 5.7 liters V8 engine, or push the plug-in hybrid and diesel.

still AppearanceDomineering, not rustic interior. As the flagship model of the family Jeep Grand Cherokee does not set a luxurious location, still maintain a high level in the off-road performance. Rigid design to subvert the previous generation, the new Grand Cherokee could reshape the brilliant, worth watching.

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