Bid farewell to the traditional luxury, the new Audi A6L car technology once again leading the development direction of the route

on this matter repairer, luxury car has a unique advantage, their higher cost bicycle, the design team better, stronger manufacturing resources. Throughout the history of automobile development so difficult to find, mostly in the direction of car development led by luxury cars, they launched sections of the model, it is also often seen as the industry benchmark for the majority of car prices. Audi A6L As a pioneer in the domestic luxury car market, Audi with high market insight, not only in the domestic first to introduce the fifth generation model extended version, led by its “light factory”, “mouth grille “and other design line, it has also been followed by many car companies to follow suit.

Earlier this year, a whole new generation A6L officially listed, followed the new family car design philosophy. Especially in the interior design, the new Audi A6L through the virtual cockpit concept control + dual touch screen innovation to create a similar interior ambience most scientific and technological sense. Moreover, the new car is still hardware performance, functional design to fully optimize the level, it has the same level of competing products beyond human experience.

can see, Audi has started from BMW, Mercedes-Benz is still sticking to traditional luxury line. The new Audi A6L is not just a continuation of the surface of the product hardware luxurious, through the development of hard data to quantify the level of intelligence of perception and experience, but also to the pursuit of high standards of luxury cars, such as the direction of differentiation. Take the new A6L used in the virtual cockpit + touch dual control, a center console with a high degree of integration of the three full-screen fit, replace lost keys, pointer instruments and other mechanical parts, resulting in a more than traditional interiors a strong sense of interaction with the atmosphere of science and technology.

Of course, in traditional luxury level, the new Audi A6L is not weaker than the BMW 5-series, Mercedes-Benz E-Class and other competing products. New car is not only maintained a standard material used in line with the large luxury sedan also features widely used in aircraft, aerospace, military and other industries of plasma welding, different measure body edges, corners, slots, holes, surfaces, etc. laser line measurement of surface features, cold metal transfer welding industry-leading technology. In addition, the new Audi A6L in the configuration level also has a cross-grade performance, providing an upgraded version of head-up display system, more than 900 kinds of colors of the interior atmosphere of light / contour lights, other than minimum distribution models come standard with four-zone independent air conditioning.

(Audi virtual cockpit Classic View Mode)

(Audi virtual cockpit progressive view mode)

As Audi representative works at the level of interaction, the new Audi A6L is equipped with a virtual cockpit While time to market earlier, but also the best on the market today with a full LCD instrument. 5 differs from BMW, Mercedes-Benz E-class and other competing products, but the content is transferred to the traditional instrument simple approach on the LCD screen, based on the Audi virtual cockpit programmable characteristics of the screen, the content interaction logic interface and have carried out the whole instrument redesigned to provide large circular dashboard-based classic view, and enterprising view two kinds of navigation map and a list of the main display modes, full of sense of technology.

The new Audi A6L is also equipped with the same level the only intelligent interactive system MMI with tactile and audible feedback, the benefits of proper screen size and focus on interface design ergonomics, let users can operate without moving the palm of your hand to all buttons, very user friendly. For the new car owners, MMI intelligent interactive system is also very friendly and very easy to want to use, intuitive and its architecture is like smart phones, smart phone support and consistent operating logic of a highly personalized setting function, also has the only sibling support intermittent delete and restore functional part of continuous handwriting input, bid farewell to the Chinese input predicament.

In addition, users can also natural voice interactive system, vehicle control, air conditioning, heated seats, etc. functions. The new Audi A6L natural voice interactive system already successfully identify everyday colloquial voice commands, but also to achieve the evolution and precipitation data connected to the network, continue to learn the user’s speech habits. BMW 5 Series, though also with voice control, but it can not identify the precision and the new Audi A6L compared with the Mercedes-Benz E-class car systems, voice operation function is no more than the new Audi A6L, such as the BMW 5 Series can not control air conditioning, Mercedes-Benz E-class can not be controlled seat heating.

The new Audi A6L MIB2 + audio systems become more powerful. Compared to the old version of money, MIB2 + computing power increased 1.5 times,Working memory increased by 2 times, the display of graphics performance increased by 2 times, and is equipped with a 3D solid-state drive navigation system, using experience more convenient and smooth. Notably, MIB2 + also through dynamic high-speed rotation of the hub test bench test, the test stand may accelerate the vehicle to a maximum of 180 km / h, detection entertainment system performance radios, mobile TV, GPS information at different speed state.

The new Audi A6L also strengthen the interaction and ergonomics some common features: the new Audi A6L abolition of the traditional knobs headlight switch, switch easier to observe and independent key operated switch headlight; new car for the rear dual USB charging interface provides built-in lighting system, passengers can find and use a charging port through which to more easily; the same time, with the only new or sibling BBA B-pillar air-conditioning outlet models, rear passengers have to experience more than just two central outlet of the BMW 5 Series and Mercedes E-class.


With the advancement of technology, the development direction of the car has changed dramatically, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, autopilot emergence of other new technologies make the car in the realization of the traditional means of transport features, there is expected to have more features can be achieved. In the high-end market positioning as a luxury brand, only consumers with a more luxurious driving experience can no longer meet the needs of consumers, who can take the lead in science and technology to meet the trend, to find their own road design, will be in the future for their own race to seize the initiative.

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