Big V number has played Call, helping Hunan Auto Show “Run”

Recently, the famous large V numbers in Changsha City, such as Changsha, Changsha Communist Youth League, etc. High-end car event “play call”.

“May 1” is near, the exhibition is here! In addition to attracting many large V numbers, the city’s major scenic spots have also carried out the publicity of the Hunan Auto Show in the city’s online publicity platform, and many companies use their outdoor large-screen resources, and they will play the Hunan Auto Show. The propaganda video, there are many food merchants placed the publicity display rack of Hunan Auto Show in the door … Hunan Auto Show, undoubtedly become a big shining business card with the attractive flow of net red courses.

At the same time, the Badminton World Champion Gong Rui, lifting the Olympic Champion Longqingquan, Trampoline Sports World Champion Rodam, Titan Swimming World Champion Li Xiaoyu and other popular people, have issued “invitation about” to the public friend: “This year ‘May 1 ‘How do I go to the door at home? The answer is to see the Hunan Auto Show. “Not only there is a million oil card delivery, let the car enjoy the heavy benefits, everyone can participate in the official topic” # 南 起 “, win Take a rich award.

Furthermore, there is an in-depth publicity of the online new media platform, and the new media platform, the online new media platform, and the miracle of the creation of the miracle of the city, and the miracle of the exhibition. The various units, media, enterprises, merchants, and all sectors of the province of Hunan have been fully open for the “Call” model of the Hunan Auto Show!

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