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BMW 1800cc retro big cruise Spy Shots

Today’s motorcycle displacement bigger and bigger, this phenomenon is more prominent in cruise car. Recently, BMW up to a displacement of 1800cc horizontally opposed twin retro cruiser BMW R 1800 C spy photos, really amazing to me for a moment.

R 1800 C spy

The exposure BMW R 1800 C while tightly covered, but still below the table that can be huge horizontally opposed two-cylinder engine it should be inferred using its own engine concept R18, and its frame and design of the tank also similar to R18.


We have found that this spy by R 1800 C in the tire and R18 are different configuration, and does not use a large-diameter front wheel 21 inches , but similar 18-inch wide tires, have a feeling of American Bobber. By the height of the front blue cloth can be inferred R 1800 C should be equipped with a huge windshield knight escort.

R18 exhaust

R 1800 C Exhaust

in the exhaust gas has the shape except, using fish R18 BMW R7 similar design, but the spy R1800 C using a cutting slash molding, but also equipped with leather bag edge.

R18 is to say retro style do very extreme, which is single from the engine with a classic jack and the air-cooling structure, and in that the electrical spray has become the mainstream of the times, it uses two Solex carburetor fuel supply. Presents authentic retro style, but I would like to see EFI system on the R 1800 C, after all, the increasingly high standard of environmental protection, protection of the environment, while EFI system also allows better fuel economy.

Cooling carefully observed R 1800 C – engine oil cooling wind design, and there is no way to follow the air R18. Such a changeMore conducive to long-distance cruising, and can further improve the durability of the engine.

The Germans always like to put words in someone else out of sight, in the front below the lower effort R1800 C is equipped with a titanium foot, so that the vehicle has better stability.

According to official BMW claims that this vintage car cruise will be available in 2020, but based on past actions BMW, I think in November of this year should make the BMW International Auto Show in Milan R 1800 C has a stunning appearance.

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