BMW Gran Coupe official figure 2 system equipped with three-cylinder 1.5T power

Recently, BMW officially released the first-ever 2-based Gran Coupe (F44) model, which is the BMW Gran Coupe coupe-style four models for the first time in the compact car class. The car will be in Leipzig, Germany plant, half of its production to supply the US market, the yield is about 15% of the Chinese market will digest (2020 into China). The new car will debut at the opening of the Los Angeles Auto Show in November. Starter Edition 1.5T car equipped with three-cylinder engine, the top version of the M235i xDrive will be equipped with BMW’s most powerful 2.0T four-cylinder engine.

the history of BMW four-door coupe type from the 6 Series Gran Coupe start, followed by 4 series and 8 series also launched the Gran Coupe models, 2 Department of the birth of Gran Coupe further perfect BMW four-door coupe type of market. The car BMW FAAR performed based precursor build platform, which determines its inherent characteristics of the precursor in design: short nacelle layout, shorter front axle to the lateral distance along the A-pillar and the like.

Although it is a precursor model, but BMW’s designers still gives the car a sportier styling. Front part of the new car and used the new 1 Series like grille, more three-dimensional. The front design is entirely surrounded by their own style, through a complex internal structure of lines and add more sporty.

As a Gran Coupe models, the new car’s roof line is very smooth, especially the C-pillar design can bring a stronger visual effects. The new car will also provide frameless doors, I believe this is the future of many young people will choose one of the causes of this car. Car entry-level model will be equipped with 16-inch wheels, Luxury Line and Sport Line are equipped with 17-inch wheels, if you choose to buy the M Sport version or the M235i, you have the opportunity to select 18 or 19-inch sport wheels.

In the body size, the car follows the latest BMW low, wide design principles, a length of 4526mm, a width of 1800mm, 1420mm height, Wheelbase reached 2670mm.

2-based Gran Coupe tail design is very compact, both using the “L” shaped lamps new interpretation, of course, you can think that it is the shape of “M “shaped. Bilateral common car will use two chrome exhaust, with both sides of the ventilation holes, it is moving.

Of course, the above description is based on the regular version, the official also introduced M235i xDrive Gran Coupe, as a top model in the series. The version of the model further “M” of the overall styling. Such as dot-matrix grid mesh, more radical front enclosure, outside mirrors black, blue brake calipers, quadrangular exhaust gas and the like. FIG official display, M235i xDrive Gran Coupe but uses more chrome, regular version black decorative part configuration models.

in the car, the car has been released with the overseas share of the new 1 Series design, the only difference in the decorative details and configuration. The car will use the new car has gradually spread in the family dual display design, iD7 Caozuoxitong certainly not absent. Is shown on FIG M235i xDrive Gran Coupe interior, will be distinguished from the normal version site steering wheel, pedals and the like. Refers mentioning that BMW Gran Coupe 2 system provides a panoramic sunroof option, this is consistent with the needs of people.

Power systems, will provide a diesel car and gasoline version version. The diesel version of the main supply the European market, US market petrol version will be selected and the Chinese market. Wherein the entry 218i familiar 1.5T mounted three-cylinder engine, the maximum power of 140 horsepower and peak torque of 220 Nm; 228I 2.0T engine is mounted, the maximum power of 231 horsepower and peak torque of 350 Nm m; M235i xDrive equipped with a high-power version of the 2.0T engine, which is BMW’s most powerful 2.0T engine, maximum power of 306 horsepower and peak torque of 450 Nm. Officials said the United States will only 228i xDriveState sales.

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