BMW X8 spy photos exposure is expected to be listed at the end of the year

Recently, there were overseas media filmed the latest spy photos of BMW and the latest spy photos of BMW X8. Although the new car is very strict, it is still a lot of details. It is understood that new cars may be officially released at the end of this year, while launching plug-in mixed versions. In addition, its high performance version x8 M is expected to be released in 2022.

From the spy photos, the overall shape of BMW X8 may be more exercise more than BMW X7, and the body’s overall design is also more low compared to BMW X7. short. still uses family-cultivated kidney grille design, reference more exaggerated BMW 4 Series, is expected that BMW’s “double kidney” will get more and more.

From the “hybrid test vehicle” tag on the body, the charging hole on the front wing plate can be judged that the exposed test vehicle is a plug-in type. Mixed version. In terms of car seats, the car will provide four-seat and five-bed version, without providing three-row seat layout as BMW X7.

It is reported that BMW X8 M will be equipped with a plurality of plug-in hybrid systems composed of 4.4T twin turbocharged V8 engine and motor. The system integrated power is expected to reach 750. Horsepower.

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