Bucked the trend! Car collar grams October sales were up 3 percent

[ Chexun Wang reported ] Today, a new era of high-end car brand collar grams announced October 2019 sales data. In October, car sales leading up to 14038 g units, growth of 3 percentage remained stable overall growth. Among them, 01, 02 grams collar two models, respectively, achieved good results 4,792 units, 2,218 units. In September sales mark for the first time on the basis of six thousand, 03 grams collar family in October then pushed performance, selling 7028 units, growth of 8 percentage, becoming the leading grams of product matrix of the most popular models.

in the context of the overall auto market cooling trend, the collar grams automobile always focused products and services, constantly enrich the product line-up, continuing to enhance service quality, in order to leapfrog the product strength and innovative marketing model, in keeping sales steady there liters at the same time, to further consolidate the leading position of leader grams of high-end car brand China a breakthrough.

uphold the user thinking more product take heart into the heart

Since the birth of the car adhere to the collar grams of user-centric, continued to listen to the voice of the user, to provide consumers with the most with the value of goods and services and create more ldquo; not only in car rdquo; innovative experience. This past October, the almighty wisdom SUV driving through the collar 01 grams mysterious Badain Jaran Desert, staged a thrilling ldquo; Mars rdquo; adventure. 01 grams collar collar new upgrade grams of intelligent vehicle systems, with more humane car machine interactive features, car-machine interface design was awarded the ldquo; Red Dot Design Award rdquo ;, which is also China’s first win of the smart car system, fully reflects the unique charm collar grams of smart technology. At the same time, also receive 01 grams of innovation to create a simple and convenient car share and Jingdong ldquo; courier to the car rdquo; service, at the same time really solve consumer pain points, and bring more higher-value users, more warmth to enjoy the car.

Almighty intellectual drive SUV collar grams 01

Moreover, October 26, the high-energy coupe SUV collar grams 02 Joint Chief Music Officer Click # 15 opened the ldquo; high-energy wave of pleasure more than happy rdquo; theme music seasonAnd particularly starting models ldquo Music Festival; collar grams 02 Funky Music Edition rdquo ;. The new model features a new silver blue color, matching Drive-E + love letter 6AT combination of power 2.0TD, while providing users with a series of tailored personalized magic sound packs, as well as multi-car benefits, full collar grams brand ldquo; trend play rdquo; cross-border fashion tone, again resulting in a more personalized for young consumers a richer choice of car.

collar grams 02 Funky Music Edition has a new silver-blue color

It is worth mentioning that the current lead grams of the brand’s most high-end models mdash; mdash; collar 05 grams has recently been unveiled. As the ultimate masterpiece CMA foundation module architecture, leading grams 05 grams brand new interpretation of the leading opposition urban aesthetic design, specifically for the trend, early adopters, the ultimate urban population from self, to better meet consumer demand for personalized release emotional expression and attitude aspirations. The mounting collar 05 grams Ward Drive-E Series 2.0TD ten high power engine, the maximum power 254Ps / 187kW, peak torque of 350N · m, matching Aisin 8-speed automatic transmission. At the same time, based on electronic supports FlexRay communication bus CMA base module architecture, collar 05 grams of intelligent driver assistance systems up to 21, autopilot reach L2 + level.

With the import of high color value, high-performance, high-value new collar 05 grams, grams of lead car ldquo; SUV + car rdquo;, ldquo; new energy + fuel vehicles rdquo; to further improve the product matrix, better meet consumer demand in the market of young, sporty and personalized. On the global value chain towards high-end of the journey, led gram positive step by step, the product will continue to build and brand building to a higher level, continue to bring greater value to consumers of car ownership experience.

new models collar grams 05 is about to debut

insist on innovation gene hard to verify the force on a more level

uphold ldquo; born global, open Internet rdquo; the brand concept, leading grams profound understanding of the automotive industry is the technology industry’s highest level of integration resources, build great products can not be separated excellent technology base. In technological innovation, consumption upgrade process, automotive product development philosophy needs more times. October 26, collar grams for the first time participate in the Chinese body of the General Assembly, at the same time show collar gram models leading safety performance, further interpretation of the collar gram car ldquo; safety first rdquo; the purpose of the product. Collar grams original ldquo; global security concept rdquo; get the audience attention, 02 grams of white collar body more comprehensive excellent safety performance was awarded a special medal of honor of the General Assembly, once again demonstrates the leading position as a global benchmark for automotive safety grams.

collar grams 03 TCR racing outstanding performance in WTCR court

more than just security, leading grams brand of hard power has continued advanced products. In the just-concluded World Cup in Japan WTCR car station, and bring grams convoy driving 03 TCR chariot continued the heroics, with a total score of 488 points to sit tight in the standings of the first to lay a solid foundation for the impact of the annual championship. The event not only show a strong operational capabilities and superior product quality, but also fully demonstrates the inherent collar grams brand Automobile Sports of China sports gene and leader style.

As China’s auto industry leader ascribed power, leading grams of high-end car branding is not easy to know. Create high-end products, providing high-end services, high-end output value, is the only way China’s car up. Collar grams will continue to tackle tough, laying the foundation, skills, and improve brand competitiveness. With the continued import of new products, leading brand grams of product matrix also will continue to improve and will continue to accelerate brand building, channel, improve marketing capabilities, boost sales performance continues to improve.

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