Budget 25-30 omnipotent what car to buy? Take a look at these five models, and some also offer 90,000

250,000-300,000 people this interval is very tangled, because not only can buy the top version ordinary joint venture brands of mainstream models in the price, but also touched on the luxury car brand. This makes many consumers screenwriters, the same price, you should choose to configure a higher joint venture or install a wave of rich people buying luxury brand? Taking into account the answers given by each person is bound to be differences, so today recommend 3 models of luxury cars in the car and two joint ventures, one to meet you two wishes.

NO.1: Toyota Avalon

Price: 19.98-28.98 ten thousand yuan

First of a player just for the debut of the crown position Avalon as a campaign for many years in the North American market veteran, this time to China, is bound to give the car a new round of market structure changes brought about. The biggest advantage is the high-end car brand Lexus ES to create the same platform, which means blood relationship will be closer to two cars, while Toyota’s official claim that two vehicles have 60 percent parts commonality also confirmed this conclusion.

Since the Avalon vehicle positioned between Camry and Lexus ES, compared appearance Camry to more atmospheric, body length and breadth were to 4975 * 1850 * 1450mm, wheelbase 2870mm, length ensures a longer wheelbase vehicle occupant space.

Interior quite satisfactory performance, center console operator panel design is more abrupt, there is not much beauty, but the lack of control screen compared to the US version of Apple Carplay features, ease of use has been discounted.

Dynamic aspect, 2.0L, 2.5L and 2.5L + THS hybrid system driving motor, wherein the hybrid system can provide a strong driving force while also taking into account the good fuel economy and handling performance at Avalon TNGA architecture is very good, the body follow good, overall very flexible, there is not much sense carts.

NO.2: Buick LaCrosse

Price: 21.98-28.98 ten thousand yuan

LaCrosse car the biggest advantage is cost-effective, the current terminal benefits 5 million, or down with the top has only 239,800 yuan, and is equipped with top models Ai Weiya, not only with the appearance of an exclusive identity and vehicle configuration at the same level but no car can match his, even if the price to rise 400,000, there are few models can do the point.

It is worth saying is that it has joined the heating ventilation and massage seats on the basis of the large back room, and the backrest can support electrically adjustable angle, this feels like the family goes on a few million of massage chairs on the car ride experience can leapfrog to describe.

power, the whole system is mounted 2.0T variable-cylinder engine, the maximum horsepower 237, peak torque 350Nm, matching speed manual transmission 9 box.

NO.3: Mercedes-Benz C260L

Price: 30.78-47.48 million (terminal benefits 40 000)


Speaking of luxury cars, it would have to mention the Mercedes-Benz C-class, as a leader among the top three German luxury cars, Mercedes-Benz logo wherever where are the symbol of a status, and thus become ho a prime target for potential car buyers.

after the mid-term facelift Mercedes-Benz C-Class styling is not much change, but adds a different appearance package to meet the aesthetic needs of different consumers, slender and elegant body side lines, and Mercedes-Benz LOGO temperament very counterparts.

If you have reservations about the appearance of C-level view, then into the car, I’m sure you do not mean the kind words . Wood trim with leather material, creating a unique atmosphere of luxury, three multifunction steering wheel styling with silver panel covers the key areas, in terms of visual level or from a tactile level, areMercedes-Benz luxury feel unique understanding.

Dynamic aspects, C260 1.5T engine models with light mixing system + 48V, the maximum horsepower 184, peak torque 300Nm, matching speed manual 9 one gearbox. When comparing the daily driving engine sound old models slightly too large, the movement will be transferred to the interior of the cabin when the engine is at the same time every intervention, but fortunately amplitude relatively minor, need to deliberate carefully in order to feel.

NO.4: BMW 3 Series

Price: 29.39-40.99 million (terminal benefits 20,000) [123 ]

Now comes the Mercedes-Benz, BMW would have to mention, after all, “drive a BMW, Mercedes-Benz ride” is the ancient spread of the century saying. But for G Generation BMW driver does not seem to set up the label on it, because this generation of BMW in addition to appearance, everything is closer to the level of comfort from the inside out. Although the new car market after the meal Tucao fans, but market sales proves that BMW this change is very correct.

Still further the appearance of a new car, kidney grille larger size on the basis of the previous generation, with both eyes open is set so that the entire front headlights looks very dynamic. In addition, the new car is still new M Sport package M Sport package Yao night basis, the main difference in the vehicle chrome strips are blackened process, creating a more intense sports atmosphere.

The interior is important to upgrade the BMW 3 Series, using the latest generation of BMW design, instrument panel and floating in the control panel are dual screen 12.3 inches, giving the car brings a wealth of technical elements, while the rear seat backrest angle and seat cushion length re-adjusted to better fit the curve of the body of people, provide the perfect ride experience.

Dynamic aspect, 2.0T turbocharged engine, in three power tuning, the maximum horsepower respectively, 158, 184, 258 , matching 8-speed manual gearbox.

NO.5: Cadillac CT6

Price: 37.97-48.97 million yuan (terminal discount 90,000)

Has been, Cadillac Relying on misplaced competition strategy to keep it in the leading position of the second-line luxury brand, and the practice of implementing this strategy is a large terminal offer. For example, the flagship sedan CT6, from the length of it 5.2 meters, its opponent locks the three D-class cars in Germany, but due to some problems such as brand appeal and model products, it leads to its current terminal sales. The price is also a 3 series price.

CT6 still continues the family diamond cutting design style, the shield is similar to the car standard, highlighting the consistency; two side tears headlights If the identity is full, especially when the turning lamp is bright at night, its vertical style is very eye-catching. In terms of body size, the new car length is 5223 * 1879 * 1492mm, the wheelbase is 3109mm, and the D-class vehicle size makes it a higher than the same as the same.

The interior is not the focus of CT6. After all, this design has been used for a while, and it is believed that you have aesthetic fatigue. The configuration is the focus of CT6, and truly getting into the door is luxurious. The whole standard keyless start, the leather steering wheel tonary, 8 inch LCD instrument, front-ranking electric seat, 10.2 inch central control screen, BOSE sound, etc. Various practical configuration, cost-effective can be described as the ultimate.

Dynamic, it is mounted in a 2.0T variable cylinder engine, the maximum horsepower 237, peak torque 350 nm, matches 10-speed hand-in-one transmission .

The above is a few cars that are more than 25-300,000, do not know if there is any model you look at? If there is, you may wish to experience it offline.

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